POOF - Featured Offer % Vanishes

Assuming this isn’t just us at the moment because both of my accounts look just like this…


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Same here. I’ve seen this before.

Mine is the same but if you click on the drop down arrow it shows the percentages by market (I sell in Canada with remote fulfillment). Maybe try the arrow?

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Ditto :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:


Do you know what time period (eg, past 24 hours, past 7 days) that box represents (when it’s working)?

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Data is presented 2 days (48 hours) prior and a 30 day past reference. The default before clicking is the current country seller central selected 2 days prior value (so the 2 days ago value in image below).


Update … now in the drop down, there is no reporting of Featured Offer % for 2 days ago

Is Amazon tinkering with advertising again?
Is it by category?

What are you seeing?

I’m seeing this go on and off for both my accounts, at the same time, throughout the day.

It’s a glitch and we’ve seen this before. Not concerned.



Like our friend ASV, I’ve seen this many times before, and have learned to pay scant attention to that widget (among others).


Ahhhh ha! I think I found the glitch…

Not sure if everyone has this or not, but Amazon has added account health to our top display. When I refresh the page, our total balance pops into the featured offer % for a nanosecond and then disappears.

It would appear that the addition of account health here is the culprit IMHO.

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The account health thing has been present for me for a while now

My featured offer is blank too. I don’t have the new Account Health box, like you. BUT when I refresh my page, the boxes I do have jump all around - maybe like you’re seeing. If you can see the percentage in there before it disappears, then I gotta find out what vites you take for your eye health! :laughing:

We have had that for a while. It was present in our first image above and in our second image above. Two different days with two different results.

The advertising page has been acting wonky for about a month. It isn’t always refreshing to the data range selected. We think that, since the Featured Offer is tied in with advertising, the issue with the Featured Offer widget is a byproduct of tinkering of the advertising parameters which is also causing the irregular behavior of the advertising page.


It’s been about 2 weeks on one of my accounts. The other never got it.

They probably started rolling it out and then stopped because it’s causing this issue…

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