post editing

I used to be able to edit past posts but I no longer see that option. Has it been removed?

It hasn’t, but it does go away after 10 minutes

Members at Trust Levels 0 and 1 can edit a post for 5 minutes. Trust Levels 2 and higher can edit for 10-15 minutes.

ETA: @meredithbead you are TL2! :grin:

If there is a post you need to edit, please pm one of us and we can take care of it for you!

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so if the next day I see a misplaced comma or an over-abundance of gerunds, I have to live with it? damndamndamn :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: I’m almost mortified. Almost.


:laughing: Don’t worry, we accept all typos and grammatical idiosyncrasies here!

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Is there a reason you wanted to change it? I was really digging the ability to edit for indefinite periods of time. :grin:

I changed it to “amazon standard” in preparation for opening to new members. I will see if I can lengthen trusted members edit grace period.


Do we each have access to our own trust level rating? Perhaps on the Badges page.

I believe it’s visible to you and others on your profile page. It would say Basic (T1), Member (T2), or Regular (T3).

OK! I didn’t know it was related to those titles. :slightly_smiling_face:
They are on the Badges tab.