Postal Solutions - domestic 'last leg' delivery provider

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I received a ‘package didn’t arrive’ request for refund today. She no longer needs the item because it is too late.

USPS tracking shows:

Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery
TEMPE, AZ 85281
October 25, 2023, 11:00 am

I called the P.O., they checked and told me the Agent is a company called Postal Solutions, that picked up the package on the 25th.
According to Postal Solutions website: “Founded in 2000, our Mail Management division offers daily mail and package management for student housing apartment communities coast-to-coast, housing over 100,000 mail recipients.”

I called them, they are looking for the package, 5 days late.

I’m wondering, will Amazon considered this status ‘delivered to agent’ as delivered? For metrics? For A-Z? I did use Buy Shipping.

I advised the buyer to look into filing a claim with Postal Solutions while she waits for the Amazon ‘48 hour window’ claim filing requirement to run out. She can then try the A-Z but I don’t know if Amazon will honor the guarantee since there is another delivery party involved.

Does anyone have experience with this scenario? Almost like a domestic freight forwarder, but hired by the property management instead of the mail recipient.

I’ve had one of those and the student used it as a way to not only get his stuff for free but proceeded to leave me a ‘1’.

Other than filing a mail theft with the Postal Inspector I don’t think there is any other “solution”.

So many moving parts on this stuff it’s hard to keep track of all the parties involved. Whatever happened to the PO taking stuff to the college?

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It appears this service is engaged by the schools, not the PO.

The Postal Solutions rep pledged to call me back with an update. I may request that they return to sender if they locate it. It’s not the student’s fault their order is delayed by 5 days or more, or lost; but it’s not my fault either.

Amazon should cover the A to Z since it is a delivery issue.

We would instruct the customer to file the A to Z through Amazon as this Amazon policy covers delivery issues.

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I did advise that, and suggested they file a claim with Postal Solutions in the meantime since they have the 48 hour waiting period. Maybe PS will find it or cover it.

I thought Amazon might cover it but they really shouldn’t have to for a 3rd party delivery service not of their choosing. They’ve chosen to cover UPS, USPS, FedEx, they have not chosen to cover Postal Solutions, or Debbie’s Dumb Deliveries or Aaron’s Errands (JK).


In theory at least.

Seems to have been a slew of NOT covered in the NSFE despite using Amazon buy shipping in recent months as I recall.

Everything on Amazon has become a CR#@shoot.