Posts - Worth it?

Before the ‘Great Upheaval’ we’d had some discussion in the Handmade forum about whether Posts were effective and worth the time. Personally, I honestly have no idea where they show up beyond being a link on my storefront - but Amazon does (surprisingly) have pretty good stats as to views and engagement.

Wondered if anyone else had input on their effectiveness?

Edited to add my experience: Posts that show a ‘behind the scenes’ photograph, rather than a product mockup, seem to have the best engagement.


I have done a couple posts.
They have accomplished absolutely nothing tangible.

Granted, I haven’t paid too much attention to them, among other things because there’s not even a direct link to get to them from seller central

I agree with your edit.
My posts show “action shots” of my products in use.

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I do think that if you find a style that works you should most definitely make them.
My most effective ones (highest impressions and engagement) are pictures from customers. Obviously it is difficult for me to take those, so I don’t make posts often (and haven’t since Aug 2022).

I don’t believe that I have seen one anywhere other than as a page of my store, but if the Amazon numbers are to be believed they are showing them somewhere. My posts have had more impressions and engagement than my instagram.

If your store is on vacation or your items are out stock, your posts aren’t visible anywhere.
Note the 0s from after Cyber Monday through Christmas when I went vacation mode to work on the orders for Christmas.


Very helpful, Joe! Customers post images in reviews on Etsy quite often, I wonder if I could use those. Hmmm. Prob not. Or maybe I’ll just stick to the behind-the-scenes stuff showing me creating things. That’s a lot of product clicks and they really don’t take much time to do. I think I’ll keep at it for a bit and see what happens. Thank you!

I would use them. I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about

“Posts effective and worth time”??? I must have missed that discussion. Are you talking about product photos?

I click on the customer photos I find in Etsy reviews and then one day at a time have shared them on my business Facebook page.

I don’t think there’s a way to see sales attributed to Posts, is there?

I have done a few posts, but I forget about them being an option so I haven’t done any in a while. On a couple of them, they say the photo quality isn’t high enough and have suppressed them. :woman_shrugging: They don’t want white background photos, but they don’t seem consistent on what they like—one post gets approved and gets decent views, but a different product with the same background gets suppressed. I hadn’t thought to do an in-progress photo, maybe I’ll give that a try.

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No. Posts are part of Stores. If you go to Manage Stores > Tools & Resources you’ll find the Posts interface. They sort of look like Instagram posts, but show up under a navigation link on your storefront and…elsewhere? I haven’t been able to figure out where else they are, but they do get seen, I just wasn’t sure how much.


I think it’s useful to see the number of clicks through to the listing page for each post- since you can put up to 10 asins under the post, you have the potential to show off several items with one effort.


Thank you.

Another thing I just don’t do, stores.


Kourtney Kardashian seems to think Posts are important. She just launched a supplement brand (of course :roll_eyes:) in Dec and there are countless posts in her store.

Overpriced crap that people are eating up. Amazing what an idiot can sell based on the fact that she’s related to a guy that defended a double murderer… Sad how some achieve their fame in life.

Lots of clearly FAKE reviews on the products too. Bots stay away from the Kardashians…

They put a lot of $ into this brand. Those are custom bottles / caps / gummy molds. Expect to see this stuff showing up all over the place in advertising soon.

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Hate misspellings that cheapen the language.
There’s a difference between a clever pun or play on words, and just talking like an imbecile.
I’ll black hat their ads for you :laughing:

Not a competitor of ours. Just stumbled on it.

I don’t black hat anyone but when I find an issue, I bring it to Amazon’s attention and have had more success than failure with Amazon actually doing the right thing. Little wins here and there are nice.

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Wait the link doesn’t play. I died. Check it out my guy!

IMO the using sex to sell looks cheap. What does the purple bra have to do with the product, or her nearly naked in the pills. I know, it’s how they sell stuff and became what they are. It just seem crass and unrelated for the product type.

crass sex sells

look at some of the successes of onlyfans

just saying

not a value judgement

i reserve that for theological discussions at the strip club with fate, faith, destiny, trinity and of course chastity


Interesting spin through their marketing - clearly they spent a ton. I have to hand it to them with their branding which is pretty slick, although I’m not sure what chocolate cake has to do with B12 gummies, but who am I to say?! lol

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I don’t really understand any of that kind of advertising. As soon as a celebrity touches a product, I don’t want anything to do with it. A barely dressed woman on a package of anything other than whatever clothes she still has on is a red flag for me to stay away. Ads that proclaim the details and benefits of the product always work better on me.

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