Premium A+ an Algo Boost over A+ Content?

Our SAS guy is suggesting that Premium A+ content is beneficial for algo boost, not just for a fancier display. To qualify for it, we have to have our A+ Brand Story on all our ASINs.

Fine, I created what I considered a nice Brand Story and attached to ASINs. Seems nice, though don’t like having more unnecessary content on the page, and since adding it our sales are about half of what they were.

Could be entirely coincidence as people wait for the big events, but hate seeing such a drop after what I’d consider a pretty significant content addition to the ASINs.

Is there any weight to Premium A+ being better than A+?

To me, personally (not an algorithm), all the brand BS is just noise clogging up a page that I scroll past as I look for product-relevant content: dimensions, comps, “other people bought,” Q&A, reviews, etc.

The Brand Story has never sold me a product.

Clear, high-quality photos of products outside of packaging and in use, informative images with dimensions of features, clear and thorough descriptions, and authentic reviews have.


I sort of think the Premium A+ content is too busy.

I’m glad I saw this. We are being pushed to do the same by SAS.

With that said…

While I tend to agree with you, every time we add on to our listings, sales have increased. We move very slowly before making any changes to our listings. I don’t like ever touching them to be honest. We’ve dealt with too much heartache along the way with this bot or that bot. I’ve learned to try and get it perfect from the start and just live with it to avoid issues.

A+ Content - 30% boost
Videos - 15% boost
Variation - 10% boost
Brand Store - 5% boost

@casbboy - I honestly believe it’s a coincidence. It’s hard to measure things on Amazon without giving them a long time to comp previous periods / the full year. There are too many moving parts to accurately measure the results of anything we do as sellers.

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With your CVR…fuqoff

I wouldn’t touch sheeeet


That’s what I was thinking too.

I’d like to do a brand story though and make our point before people rummage (or skip) through our 6 A+ modules.

For Premium A+ - all I wanted to do there was embed the 30 second version of our “How it’s Made” video for our brand in the listing instead of it having to be clicked from the images.


perfect, thanks for response.

So, think any Algo boost going from A+ to Premium A+?

That’s my next step. I have everythign else dialed in I think.

One would think it should help but who the hell knows on Amazon.

Sellers with A-F in their store name might be programmed to get a boost with P-A+, Sellers G-N get a hit.

That’s how effing stupid the marketplace and their bots are.

It’s all about testing and finding out or leaving everything alone and have a little peace in your life for 5 mins before the next bot takes you down.

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I’m not sure if it has an effect on the algorithm, I need to test but I don’t imagine it would have an earth-shattering effects

I think depending on the product type, it will have an effect on conversion as most people would choose to buy from an established brand than some “srgfsgfsdfgsg” brands that I keep seeing here, but if the price difference is huge and reviews are the same, people will still buy “srgfsgfsdfgsg” brands to save money , just my opinion