Price Discounts vs Sale Price

Just noticed the “Price Discount” option under advertising, and was wondering what the benefit was over Sale Price on the listing itself.

The benefit I can think of is not risking getting flagged when you edit a product to start a sale, but was wondering what other input people had.



Good question. Didn’t even know that existed…

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Found the information for price discount here… Price Discount

This is really encouraging (sarcasm fully intended)

Edit to add: This could be useful for a new product that has some sales and good reviews. Might cost less than running a coupon but who knows about the amount of visibility that would be given to the product. From what I read on the page, I didn’t see where offering a price discount would provide additional visibility like a PPC or coupon would.


Thanks @Uncle_Leroy !

Additional product-level eligibility criteria:

I followed the link to find out more about “validated reference price” and had to click through to Show a reference price on your products by providing a List Price, just for the same basic info:

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Thanks all!

I’m glad to see this new er, “offering”, has gone under the radar for others.

I’ve been focused so much on other things (direct ecommerce and finance/insurance) I thought Amazon was starting to leave me behind.

Doesn’t look to hurt to try it. Will give it a try on some small products I need a volume boost on and will report back.

again, I like the fact that I don’t need to edit an entire listing to create a sale price, because Amazon loves flagging my listings when they experience any changes.


And a strike-through price is always sexy, might as well snag it


You’re right. Too bad Amazon screwed the pooch with their new coupon system debacle where if you want to run any type of coupons, you can’t run a 2-tiered pricing strategy like the rest of retail / ecommerce.


List prices are validated against Amazon recent sales history and external competitor prices…

That’s telling me that 1) a product needs sales history, and 2) another way for Amazon to initiate the “competitive price” crap that, if exceeded, will cause lost of buy-box and with no transparency whatsoever.


I agree, Unc - that’s what I myself have been expecting to be the likely outcome ever since the 29Apr`24 News Headline (link, Seller Central) announcing this new feature.

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pretty easy to setup, seems to be quicker system than Prime Deals, but the first day with them active resulted in my worst sales day of the week, if not month. Let’s see how this further plays out…


Alright, so about a week after launching a price discount on most my products, my Total Profit compared to the same period last week is down 90%.

Which is odd, considering my ROAS is up 3x what it was last week.

Return on Investment, down 67% from previous week.

Units sold down 33% from last month and 65% from the same month last year.


The good news… I netted more net income today in a single day of Crypto than I have in 5 years selling on Amazon.