Product detail page violation, appeal not working

So basically I made the mistake of adding another product to an ASIN of my brand item
I thought it would increase sales and get customers extra value.
The title was (my brand)
I changed it to (my brand bundle with xxx)
this caused a PDP violation here is the original email

We removed the detail page contributions you submitted for the listings below. The ASIN is still live, and you can edit your listing. Please ensure the correct attribute is currently displaying.

Why did this happen?
We are contacting you because we detected that you made contributions to a product detail page in a way that violates our Product Detail Page editing rules. Sellers on are not allowed to edit product detail pages in a way that fundamentally changes the description of the product as originally listed on the ASIN.

here are examples of your listings that do not follow this policy:

Detail Pages with Removed Contributions
Attribute containing violating contribution: Item name

tried to appeal multiple times by stating this but no luck:

Root Cause:

  • Modified listing title that fundamentally changed the product
    -The listing title had a fully capitalized brand name violating PDP
  • Failure to familiarize with detail page rules
  • Altered product title violating PDP guidelines.

Steps taken:
-Reverted edited listings to original characteristics.
-Ensured listings adhere to PDP guidelines.
-Implemented PDP training to prevent recurrence.
-Mandated PDP sheet before editing listings.

they always reply with this:
– Greater detail on the root cause(s) of the PDP Tampering.
– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve the identified issues.

I have read that usually POA is better to be limited characters and also I can’t put any more characters in the appeal box so no way to add more words than this unless I appeal stating that they made a mistake(they did not, it was against guidelines I just didn’t know)

now I know I probably needed to create a new listing to avoid violation but too late now, I am just trying to learn from my mistake and make sure this is not on my account health(it says low violation but still)account health points nowhere near 200
(for some reason they mention my account is deactivated in the appeal but it is not idk why bots probably?)

any anyone have any suggestions on what I can say or any experience dealing with this?

any info is appreciated thanks

In my opinion you violated Amazon policy.

You changed the product. There is nothing to appeal.

When the product changes, a new detail page is required. Even if the change is the weight or other contents related change.

What you did was identical to what some sellers try to do. Turn a product into a bundle with some worthless trinket added.


Like i said i agree with you

I was the only seller on listing (my brand) also i tried to add value to the customer, i understand there are a bunch of seller that change listings to misrepresent and damage listings, this was not the case but i did violate policy and they do ask that i respond so thats why i am asking for info or help on the appeal

I know that now, i though you could add value to the customer by adding certain items plus i have seen a lot of brand change listings of their brands and be fine with it (probably why i thought it was ok)

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In terms of the form and content of your appeal, all I can suggest is tightening it up a little, as above. However, I have never had a PDP violation like this so I cannot say if this appeal will be sufficient.

Boilerplate language, ignore it. Amazon clearly does.


thanks for the input, never had this violation either but I did notice on the first notification they clearly mentioned the item name so probably title I am guessing is the most important

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@Thethe this is a very serious violation that goes well beyond merely a noncompliant product title change.

  • You hijacked an ASIN with a different product (the bundle), intentionally, in order to manipulate sales rank. Even though you did this “benevolently” (to benefit the ASIN, rather than sabotage), it is still the same egregious violation.
  • It also seems that you might have been trying to offer a freebie with a product, also to manipulate sales rank (and perhaps reviews?), and also a violation.
  • Finally, it seems that you improperly created a bundle.

You will need to create a root cause statement that reflects all of these errors (while still staying within character limits). Amazon needs to know that you understand the entirety of how you violated policies, and which policies.

Never assume that just because Amazon only mentions one small thing, that they are only accusing you of that one small thing.

Please post your revised Root Cause here for feedback before submitting to Amazon or moving forward with the draft of your POA.

Personally, I’m not certain that you will succeed in reinstating the listing, unfortunately. :grimacing:

I’m tagging @oneida_books because he is much more familiar with the new appeals process than I am and might be able to offer insight in navigating that process.


I mentioned low violation that is because that is what it says on the account health page, not me saying it

I wouldn’t say i hijacked because it was my product with no seller but i get that i did violate policy

Umm i mean maybe? I was trying to offer more value for the buck but again i know i violated policy

Yea i did, didnt know but yea i dis

Would it have said it though like if i violated 3 policies i would get those 3 policy violation warnings?

Listing is live and reverted back to original what i am trying to get is the violation like acknowledged and let them know it wont happen again.

Thanks for the info
Will try to post here before sending it


I predict that you will find that any response you send will lead to the identical message about Amazon rules.

You earned this violation and will get to keep it until it expires in a year or so.

It will probably not lead to a more stringent punishment unless you repeat the same violation.

There are few erasers on Amazon’s red pencils.

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Yea i probably earned that for violating policy i just want to make sure i do what amazon wants me to do
Because it does seem like they want me to provide more detail?
It does say this:
What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If you do not send the requested information within 20 days, your account may be deactivated permanently across all marketplaces in the region of your enforcement.

I dont know if this is like the same template that thinks my account is deactivated? Confusing though

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They are giving you the option to provide details to show how they were mistaken, or for you to provide proof the item is the proper brand.

In your situation I’m not sure what additional detail you could provide to make Amazon reactivate your account.


Their account is good, this was an ASIN issue.


Ahh, I missed that

I’m short on time, so can’t read all the posts, but I wanted to respond.

  1. Make sure you have edited your SKU back to the original details

  2. You can appeal on the ASIN, but I don’t see Amazon accepting as you were clearly guilty

Maybe post what you are seeing when you go to “Submit additional information” (each step up to submitting) so we can get an idea. The process is evolving lately.


Never forget that it is Amazon and AMAZON owns the ASIN.

Once it is created they get to determine what (within THEIR strict limits) can be done to, or changed, on THEIR property (the ASIN).

Sellers on Amazon are not much more than indentured servants being thrown a bone (a payment) every so often for filling their coffers with fees.


Thank you @oneida_books :+1: