Product Videos

Does anyone else do product videos in their listings?

Do they help, hurt?



I do on a few. I think they help, but only certain products need it.


I believe @ASV_Vites has some experience in this.


We do on some of our listings. I believe it helps customers overcome some purchase hesitation by seeing how the product will work.


We do them, I think they help.

We have not done, “live” videos. We have taken shots of us working on something however, more often than not, the video is a slideshow illustrating our illustrations on products.

Our value add is many dozens of themes and hundreds of illustrations. We find a fast paced video is good at that.

Thirty or more years ago a writer, who wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal explained it to me.


Since you all are reading, and he was speaking, if you say that out loud you will get the point.

And that was 30 years ago, today the attention span of people is even shorter.

We use the video feature built into photoshop today. Often I will do voice over using audacity as an editor.

I need to do more, a lot more video.


From a Buyer perspective, I agree.

It also helps me to conceptualize size better.


Hey, here’s a perfect example:

Go to the ASIN, scroll down to the first (customer?) video, on a table tennis table. It helped me conceptualize usability and usefulness.

It also helps if the instructions aren’t clear. Sometimes, they are how-to videos.

This is something we have had on our list forever. For one item, it must be primed, many people do not understand. Though we include a graphic with each order. Another brand the size matches what it works with. Returns regardless of the pictures we put in with measurements.

I think we need a fun, fast way to teach the customer. When I can find a ‘roundtoit’ in our spare time.

Yup, the investment seems to be worth it, looking at the analytics. Our videos have been live under 60 days. Lots of NTB buyers, video view conversion organic - 31%. Using a shorter variation for video PPC - 21%.

If I learned one thing from what we did - shorter is better. Apparently the intention span of buyers is just under 30 seconds… Our listing videos are 60 seconds, avg view time from the analytics is 27 seconds.

The variations we use for ads is 30 seconds.

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Mine are 30 seconds and the average view time is 14 seconds.

I do them to show I sew.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.


I am trying to learn more about making product videos, so I type into the help bar on SC “product video specifications.” And this is their solution:


I bought video software a long time ago to try and do a 30 second commercial or something for my light switch covers, and just never got around to it.

I’m just curious if uploading the same video on every listing would be counterproductive?

I’ve discovered recently that I can mute the videos I can make on my iPhone and so I will start doing that, but I don’t know if it’s worth it? Does a video give a boost in ranking? I’ve started uploading them on TikTok and getting some views. It’s just super basic pan over a few items or just a zoom in zoom out. Nothing fancy. I don’t know if people actually watch them lol.


I don’t think so and you can apply the same video to multiple ASIN’s at the same time which will save a lot of time. Not sure if there is a limit though.

An actual person looks at the videos before they are published so make sure the video you make has relevancy to all the listings you want to put it on.

Side Note - Amazon has a habit of rejecting videos for no reason. Don’t get bummed if that happens. All you need to do is change the file name and upload it again and again and again and again, until it’s approved. I once had to upload a video 19X before it was accepted.

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