Question for those with Brand Registry

I am merely a reseller for other brands, so have no direct experience with Brand Registry myself - what it looks like, or how it works.

I’m trying to ask my sales rep at a brand to ask their boss, to ask his boss, to ask their Brand Registry folks (you know the drill… 10 middlemen because you can’t speak directly to the people you need) to give me the necessary permission so I can fix errors like this:


Can anyone who has Brand Registry tell me exactly what steps the brand owner would need to take in order to give me the ‘appropriate role for this brand in Amazon Brand Registry’ so I can be identified as an authorized reseller and can be authorized to fix these simple issues?

The problem is mainly search suppressed listings for simple things like a missing size, color, or description. Things I could easily provide myself if only I were authorized. :angry:

Step by step instructions, or a screen print would be really helpful to forward to their Brand Registry people. I don’t know exactly how to request what I need, and it’s being filtered through (and possibly paraphrased by) several middlemen, so if I could send them a picture, that would be great. You know, like, please add my seller name in this box. :grin:

Also, does anyone have a sample ‘brand authorization’ letter to send when you want to be given permission to create new listings under a registered brand?


This was my most popular post on the OSFE (by views and links) and was published on many external blogs–mostly with credit. :unamused:

I’m linking to a blog post here because I deleted the post off of OSFE, and it’s still deleted on NSFE, but this blog has it copy/paste. Plus, this is from November 2022, while my original post was 2019 or earlier, so it’s still working per ecommChris. :wink:

You can edit the top part to include creating brand ASINs specifically. Do note @oneida_booksreminder that the letter should be on the letterhead of the brand from whom you seek authorization (not your own), although you should pre-fill as much info as possible for them.

ETA: Original text to c/p and edit

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ETA2: My template, found in the wild




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Do you know for sure that the brand is registered? If you don’t know, I would ask that question first. Amazon’s bot seems to assume some brands are registered when they really are not. I have run into this problem on at least 4 brands and opened cases and asserted the true status to get things fixed. For a few I got emails from the management certifying that their brands were not registered and attached screenshots of those to the case.

I do wonder - in my case some of the other sellers are pretty big, maybe they have registered a brand so the bots see a brand registered seller, but not for the brand in question?