Question regarding Ship Stations Ship By Date

Like the title says, I have a question regarding the Ship By date on Ship Station. Currently it is showing the latest date, but I would like for it to show the earlier date. Is there a way to achieve this? I tried looking around the settings but I couldn’t find anything.

For Example this orders ship by is Jan 10th to Jan 11th.
But Ship Station is only showing Jan 11th
I’d like it to show Jan 10th instead.

What does the drop down menu show?

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I can manually change the ship by date for each order, but that would be a hassle. I’d rather them be imported by the soonest date.

Well, I’m looking at mine, and I don’t even have a column that says “Ship by” …

I do have a column that says “Age” and if I sort by that, then it would give me the oldest order first.

I try to clear out all my orders each day and I have mine sorted by store because I go over to Amazon and buy shipping over there. If I print all the packing slips, I notice that even if I have them sorted by store, I get them printed in age order – oldest one first. Since I need to keep Amazon separate for shipping, I usually print my packing slips by store, ship by store,and then go over to Amazon and ship those.

Aren’t they switching over to a new version soon?


Since I’ve been “called”, I’ll answer — but I honestly don’t pay attention to those dates. I haven’t had a Michael’s order all week so I can’t check.


OK, I think I found the Ship By function that you’re talking about.

For me, it’s under the bulk update function…

There’s a second option that is “Days after the order date” and then you pick the number of days…would that work? If you leave that at a low number (like 1), then it’s counting from the day of the order. Same thing with the age column. ???


I think I’ve already switched to the new version. Since we receive many orders we always have the “Ship-By” filter on.

Can you send a screenshot of the “Bulk update”? We have automatic imports on, so I was thinking it might be an automation function I am looking for.


So this is what I still see.

When I choose all the orders, the choices at the top go “live”

Then under Bulk update, there’s this choice available:

Screenshot 2024-01-10 102559


Oh, that just shows me or the user the orders within those dates. I’d like for them to be imported as -1 day for a few reasons. One, we get a lot of orders and having that extra ship day would be helpful, and our carriers are tending to scan them the next business day causing us to have a “late shipment” even though they picked them up on the correct day. This would mainly be for our shipping department, as I am not the one who personally ships them.


I’m not following.

ShipStation imports all unshipped orders.

Then you/me organize them – by order number or any of those columns.

if you organize by AGE, then when a customer orders it say today, when I pull up ShipStation tomorrow, it gets imported. 8 am orders are at the top and 5 pm orders at the bottom.

Then shipping does their thing and ships everything. If it has two days to ship it by, then if it all gets dropped off tomorrow, it gets scanned on that second day and you’re ok?

Whether you have 1 or two days to ship is set on Amazon, Walmart’s, Etsy’s end – not shipstation?

Really trying to understand what you mean by “imported as -1 day”



So this is my view sorted by age:

I’m not necessarily worried about the Etsy/Walmart “ship by” date, but I am worried about Amazons. Since the “carrier” scan doesn’t necessarily happen until the day after the carrier receives the parcel. So lets take the first Amazon order, the actual ship by would be the 11th - 12th. But it imports as the 12th. I would like for it to import as the 11th. Our shipping department always tries to stay on top of the shipments and tries to get them out the day before, but that doesn’t always happen. They sort ALL orders as the “Ship By” date and are mainly focused on that date.


This order for example:

Ship Station is showing “Ship by 01/10”


Amazon shows “Ship by 01/09 - 01/10”


I’d like Ship Station to import this order as “Ship By 01/09” but they all import as the latest date.


Hmmm, so you want Amazon and ShipStation to communicate in such a way during import, that Amazon ship-by dates automatically subtract a day within ShipStation, so that those orders have a built-in one-day buffer to account for scan delays…is that correct @QiaD_1?

I suspect this is either customization through ShipStation (not Amazon, unless you officially change your handling, which doesn’t solve the late scan problem) or a bespoke solution.

@Pepper_Thine_Angus might have some general insight, if other ShipStation users don’t have insight into how to make that work through native options.

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I’m not a ship station user, but is there a way to set a handling time within ship station? If not, I don’t think what you are looking for is feasible the way you are doing it at the moment. There would need to be an intermediary data stop between Amazon and ship station to modify the date


@papy Yes, that is essentially what I am trying to do. There is an automation option to set the ship by date to 1 day after the order is placed, but I’m afraid if I do that it will set the orders placed on a Friday to ship on Saturday which is a day we do not ship (same with Sunday) and it will mess our process up.


I would either ask shipstation or better yet, just give it a try. The answer from shipstation may only be about as helpful as an answer from Amazon Seller Support.


Good Morning!

From what I know – there’s no setting in ShipStation.

ShipStation should be importing ALL Amazon orders. When I open ShipStation in the morning, it has all my orders imported.

With ShipStation you can only sort.

I would say that the difference between the order date and the imported event from Amazon is something like THAT’s when the payment finally cleared. I would look at the Amazon order side … this is not a shipstation thing.

Then I would look at your processes…why are your orders being scanned the next day after you drop them off? Are you dropping them off after close of business?

Maybe you need to sort by AGE instead of ShipBy?

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