Question regarding vehicle compatibility in product titles

I’m curious what everyone thinks would be the best product title where you have to include vehicle make, model, years for automotive product categories?

Option 1) ---- fits Honda Civic 01-05
Option 2) ---- fits Honda Civic 2001-2005
Option 3) ---- fits Honda Civic 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

I’m thinking it is option 1 then putting each year spelled out in backend keywords?

I’ve seen option 2 and 3 but with a quick browse don’t see option 1 being used.

My guess is option 2 or 3 and I am leaning towards 2 since your category should have a drop down for compatibility and fitment by year make and model.

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Correct, I do have vehicle compatibility data entered already if people use that option in Amazon. More so curious regarding search term ranking.

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This would be our vote … and is the most common.

This seems to dangerous as buyers don’t always read correctly as it is.

One tends to get lost in the numbers … and miss that a certain year was listed.

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I like #2

Also vote 2

I would ‘fifth’ the nomination of Option 2, but I might be inclined to do some split testing - just not in Q4.

So this has very little to do with ranking at all.

Rank would entail search.

Search habits and this is my best guess would be like:

Eg. Car Seat Covers Rav4 2020 - which is a 5th gen Rav4 and your compatibility would be from 2018-2024 - so unless they typed 2018 or 2024 it wouldn’t help - sometimes it would but the ranking would be for car seat cover(s) which would be very hard to do since your fitment isn’t universal

The above example is imperfect as I’m guessing the year, make and model as well as year range but the example holds as far as customer search is concerned.

In summary: Rank is tied to kw search is tied to volume across multiple kw - so unless you have that working for you in a very exacting sense, matching customer search (journey, funnel blah blah blah) - then the combination of search as well as legibility and customer comprehension is the go to method of writing out a title.

Just some high level thoughts without knowing too much about your product or niche.



I don’t like #1 because you’ll get complaints it doesn’t fit their 1905 honda civic

Don’t underestimate buyer stupidity

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