Quickbooks online app that imports Amazon orders.

I have a month to decide on whether to go for quickbooks online or go with desktop again.

Right now I pay $75 a month for T-Hub which while the cheapest has serious support issues. I have seen free apps for ebay and other ecommerce selling sites but none that are current for Amazon.

Does anyone use quickbooks online and have an app that imports Amazon orders, if so how much?


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We do, however, we use ShipStation to import our FBus orders, that is then hooked to QuickBooks. Not just Amazon but a dozen or so Brand Websites and eCommerce channels.

Our accountant has access to both, and deals with the FBA stuff in bulk.

I can see what it cost when I am in the studio office tomorrow if you like.

We did use a very bad proprietary, QuickBooks with our last accountant. Good for them I guess, bad for us. When we converted to online, the QB people had us install a desktop version, we had an old one but they gave us a link to a trial version.

Then we installed that, imported the information from our QB proprietary online system, then uploaded the data to the QB online version.

Sounds complex but they walked me through it.

Very happy except it is very slow, and they always try to sell you features, like paying vendors through them. I prefer handing them a check.

Cash is king.


We use Taxomate for our Quickbooks online account - the monthly cost depends on volume. $20/mo up to 1,000 orders, $37/mo up to 5,000 orders, etc. Pricing for Taxomate - Automated Bookkeeping Software

It is great… runs seamlessly and 100% hands off for us. We’ve been using since 2019 with zero problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

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