Rearrange Images! (MakerPlace Topic)

Hallelujah!! We can rearrange listing images now - I am so happy they’re listening to us!

Now when you load images there are 3 dots - it lets you move things backward/forward or you can select one to make primary.


wahoo! That was a major pita!


I was just going to post a question about not being able to rearrange pictures, but now I see the issue is no longer an issue!



And you can also drag to position. They also added 4 more photo slots for a total of 10.


Woohoo! A win for Sellers.


You got me excited thinking we are able to arrange our images in our store front into some kind of order, instead of all mixed, aranged by the date they were listed.

I’m not that excited about arranging the images within each listings, we basically had that ability from the begining

The first image box was always marked as Primary, I just make sure that’s the box to drop in my Primary image, then add the rest of the image by the order I want them to show up, then I don’t have to do any changes afterwards.

Of course, if somebody like to move the images around to have a different/fresh look from time to time, this new function is helpful.

Now, let’s hope they will make it possible for us to arrange images in the store front.

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We could only upload them in one way, and then if you wanted to change them you had to delete them all and redo. I update images often so this is great for me!


I asked for this since Day 1 and I’m soooo glad they finally enabled it. Big time-saver, instead of uploading one image at a time to get the desired order.


It gives me hope that they’ll add rearrange shop listings too - and also shows they’re putting time/effort into MakerPlace, which is great.