Received an Ubuy order this morning.

I received a fairly large Amazon business customer order from Ubuy (buyer) with a shipping address to the Ubuy Warehouse in Erlanger, KY 41018. I don’t have a good feeling about this order, I checked online, and there are multiple reports of Amazon and eBay scams, INR, A-z, also false IP claims, and stolen listings.

Any past orders/history, recommendations, and thoughts would be appreciated.


Ubuy is an International dropshipper.

That warehouse in Erlanger KY is probably Pitney Bowes freight forwarding operation.

I think you are facing the usually risks of scummy buyers, and not much else.

If you decide to go ahead, it might be worth getting signatures on delivery. This is not any different than any other freight forwarder order in most likelihood.


Thanks, Lake!