Recent 5 star feedback

I always like 5 star feedback, doesn’t everyone? Here is my latest one; 5* Vendedor responsable buenos artículos.



“Responsible seller good items.”


@1Goodbye this should be your Seller Profile now. :100:


My most recent says “Tastes and smells delicious!

I sell art. :rofl:


I got this one last year. It was only 4 stars.
I usually don’t even answer feedback. But it was just too unexpected (random?)


We have all gotten feedback for the wrong orders. It happens, buyers don’t know how to navigate Amazon any better than forum mods or seller support.

The ones that really bother me are the entitled jerks. The “I’m a Prime member, how dare you charge me for the return shipping on this item I bought by mistake, let my pet snakes live in for a week until my rottweiler attacked it, accidentally left outside in the rain, then shipped back in a plastic shopping bag with a label taped on? I’M A PRIME MEMBER!”


Love your answer. I got negative feedback for flashlights. I don’t sell flashlights. Thankfully, it was struck through.

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My latest was a 3 star, not even feedback. Customer wanted to know when she could get a particular version of flash cards.
She bought a childrens book from me, so maybe … close???

The better one was a five star feedback about how happy they were with their batteries, after an issue of some sort. This one didn’t even buy anything from me. I replied similarly that the feedback must be for another seller, but that I was happy it all worked out.
I have noticed in my buyer account how easy it is to choose the wrong seller when leaving feedback. Making a DARK BLACK BOX around the orders to separate them is beyond Amazon’s capabilities.

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They must have bought something from you at some point, no?
I don’t think buyers can leave feedback for a seller if they never ordered anything from them?

I think you are correct. I likely just did not look hard enough. Just happy to have a 5 star feedback.