Recover Parent ASINs when Rebuilding ASIN Families?

Seller Support broke up three ASIN families I had and, as Icing, deleted the Parent ASINs. while just doing a new parent typically wouldn’t be an issue, I have a ton of listings, AMazon PPC and other marketing targeting these parent ASINs.

If there is a way to rebuilt the parent/child relationships while also recovering the old ASINs, that would save me a ton of headache.


I do not see why not.

If you have the ASIN or SKU of the parent, and a listing of the prior parent / child, you can do a flat file upload. That should be relatively easy.

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Agreed as long as the parent was only deleted from your account. If it was deleted from the catalog it would not be recoverable.


In the I couldn’t get it. had to let them make new ones.