issue with phone number (i d'ont receive the SMS)

Hello sellersasksellers community,

I have a problem creating a seller account on, for them it’s an Artist account :grin:.
At the level of inserting the telephone number, when I click on Submit to receive an SMS, I receive an error message and I do not receive an SMS. knowing that the number is correct, I redid the procedure several times in vain.

Is it worth to create a seller account on is the site known for artisanal products?

Please :pray: if anyone knows anything, or has any ideas or experiences on this subject,
please clarify me :pray: :pray:

Are you doing marketing for

Because it seems you’re doing marketing for

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No, i’m just want to sell in it.

A cursory google search seems to indicate it’s a digital printshop of sorts. I would assume you’re not “selling” anything there, but likely licensing any self-created art.

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From what I understand it turns out that people also sell other artisanal products and other products (not digital)

Never heard of them, but wikipedia says they have been around for some time, Australian based. 2018 They purchased TeePublic.

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Sorry, but it appears that your understanding is incorrect. From their site (btw, this really has nothing to do with Amazon sellers…):


It’s true
you are right :+1: , i was wrong :disappointed:
Thanks a lot :pray:

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