Regarding reselling

Recently, I visited my neighborhood store and noticed they had a few items that are also sold on Amazon. Although the products were brand new, their packaging was damaged. The price was low enough for me to potentially resell them for a profit.

I am wondering if I can list these items on Amazon as “like new” or “used”, while specifying their condition.
Are there any risks associated with doing so, such as penalties to my seller account?
Additionally, does Amazon require invoices for “like new” and “used” products?

If it is not feasible to sell on Amazon, my alternative plan is to sell them on eBay.

This is exactly the type of thing that gets many sellers in trouble. People who are very experienced in doing this type of thing (Retail Arbitrage, or RA) will know certain brands or products that will work with no issues, but there are many brands that may cause IP issues, which can be quite difficult to recover from, as you have no invoice and no good chain-of-custody. And some categories don’t allow Used conditions, such as (I think) clothing and grocery, and probably a few others.

Ebay is the place to sell these things. Not worth risking your Amazon account, especially on just a “few” items.

(the big exception to this is Media; if you can get approved to sell, then there should be no problems selling them as “Used”)

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The question is if the profit is worth the risk. All it takes is one vigilant brand/rights owner and or committed dealer of the rights owner and you have to go through the pain of being treated like an RA seller trying to get your receipts accepted.
Amazon rejects receipts… How do you think they will treat XYZ convenience store register tape?

I would Ebay that stuff.

Noted with thanks!


Many items you find in your local retail store cannot be offered in any condition on Amazon other than NEW.

Others when sold as used command no money at all because they lack the manufacturer’s warranty.

So even if you manage to avoid the pitfalls referred to by @Picks_by_Nisha or @VTR this might not be a good idea.

The Ebay forums are showing an inexplicable increase in Ebay sellers being unable to list certain brands which are commonly gated on Amazon, and sellers are not being told why their listings are not being accepted. This is above and beyond the veRO process which has existed for some time.