Remember these? ASIN Change Notification

Cleaning out old emails is a trip down memory lane, things sure have changed since the last one of these I received nearly 6 years ago.

I received a number of these notifications. Many were for changes in shipping weight–and the revised weights were often incorrect and have been revised again since then. The item title changes turned out to be minor and insignificant. Amazon put a lot of work into these changes for very little benefit.

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Most were minor but some were major and I valued the alert.

I am sure the notifications were automated. Every flawed file upload resurrected errors that had been flagged and corrected - that caused a lot of work.


We got an alert once (2 years ago maybe) that someone attempted to change the brand name on one of our listings.

I wrote about that on the OSFE.

Obviously Amazon stopped this because of bandwidth issues. I could only imagine how many emails would go out daily on the marketplace.

Of course Amazon used to send an email every single time they shipped a single FBA orders so there’s that… Now they come in bunches of 20 or every 3 hours…


Yes. Usually to something absurd – weight carried out to twelve digits past the decimal and the exact same weight for every ASIN in that day’s notices. Makes you wonder just how many listings that particular seller contaminated with that day’s upload.

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Or Amazon stopped it when their bots started changing things on listings like the category nodes ?

Sending an email at that point would be like advertising … “Hey we changed your listing because we wanted to.”


I hated this. When Amazon only had one field in the database for “Shipping Weight” for ALL Sellers on the ASIN.

I miss these.

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I can’t imagine a company with infinite computing resources (AWS) is constrained sending emails. I think what happened is that as the pace of these changes increased (competing sellers) and the bots got involved (making errors), the number of support cases rose. They’re hoping that if we’re unaware they screwed up that we won’t complain.


I agree; @ the time the ASIN Change/Merge Notification mechanism was deprecated, one of the seasoned & savvy old hands (that inimitable scam-fighter @The Schadenfreudist in Jive/@Schadenfreudist in OSFE, aka “Schady”) posted about correspondence he’d had with the ERT/ ESRT admitting as much.

I found that to be credible.

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I agree with this, I heard something along this line from an executive relations team member in a round about way. Basically By the time any seller read and responded to the email/report, the ASIN may have been changed an additional 2-4 times and those changes were not reflected in the report.

Bottom line, Amazon does not have control of the catalog and has not had control for YEARS, and will never have control again. (Even BR sellers can agree with this)

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Ah…I too remember those emails. Since they went away we actually pay for a service (Bindwise) to update us when changes are made. We sell on many ASINs and so this helps us keep track of changes that may be detrimental to our business.


That was a late version of the ASIN change email.

There were versions that allowed sellers on the listing to vote on changes, and versions with an appeal process.

This was the go pound sand version, which preceded stony silence.


I remember those as well, I did appeal the most egregious ones. I guess I didn’t delete them all as I thought I had:

We are writing to let you know that one or more of the following detail page attributes for the ASINs listed below changed on November 3, 2015:

  • Item Name
  • Product Description (non-media items only)
  • Item Type Keyword
  • Product Type
  • Shipping Weight

Please review your listings and confirm that the updated product detail pages accurately reflect the products you are selling. If a product you are selling no longer matches the information on the detail page, you will need to match your offer to a different ASIN in Amazon’s catalog. If you cannot identify a matching ASIN, create a new ASIN that accurately reflects your product.

Click here to view a detailed report of your ASINs that underwent changes

Click here to vote to disagree with the decision to make the ASIN detail page changes below.

SKU ASIN Changed recorded


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This is the version I remember.

I also remember they did away with them with no prior notice, they just stopped one day. Mods had no idea either. Response they got a few weeks later was “no one used them”. Not true