replacement reason

i just had a replacement order popup for 20 units of a mounting bracket and i can’t find any reason or notes on why they need replacing. regular returns are easy to find info on.
pretty much no way these things are faulty. especially all 20.

Assuming this is FBM, the replacement order only goes through if the buyer returns something, so you see what you get back and go from there. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about return abuse except to stay on top of it and get really good at filing SAFE-T claims should the return warrant it.


it’s FBA so i;ll be inspecting the returns very closely.

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Will you get the 20 returned items back directly @kingdom, or will FBA decide if they are resellable?

my EXPERT! packaging prevents opened items from being resalable.
most of my items come back unopened and i just add new packaging and labels then send it back in.


idk if I’d count on that. I’ve removed items after they were returned to find that Billy thinks earrings tossed in a ziplock bag are AOK to sell again.

(yes, I removed all of the SKU to get them back).