Restricted Product Policy Violations

Another wonderful stress filled week on the river. 6 Restricted Product Policy Violations for products I am allowed to sell. I even had to show proof (2015 email from Amazon stating I was approved to sell in the Collectible Coin category) which I am happy I saved all these years. I put the word “Silver” in the title and Amazon decided I was selling non-monetized bullion…which I am approved to sell anyway. This started as 3 Restricted Product Policy Violations but I copied the 3 and removed the word silver in the title and relisted them and instead of closing them, I deleted them. So I will end up with 3 marks on my acct for 6 months now and be walking on egg shells. Why should I have to prove repeatedly to Amazon that I am approved to sell in the collectible coin category and approved to sell bullion and precious gem stones? This was not the first time they have pulled this crapola.


New bot release that did not fix the problem with the last one??

I believe they are largely ignorant of the trouble, lost sales and time suck they cause 3Ps. Not that they would care anyway (based on lack of evidence to the contrary).


Their bot’s don’t recognize that you are an approved seller.

I had to request permission to sell a brand I have been selling for 15 years on Amazon. I provided the permission letter and they turned around and deactivated all my listings for that brand.

The brand owner even tried to contact Amazon on my behalf and was told I had to open a case (Which I had).
Then I couldn’t reinstate the listings, I had to relist over 100 products.

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That’s a lesson for all of us. :flushed: