Retargeting help - rising ACOS

Does anyone have any tips for retargeting ads?

Mine were doing great… I was doing cost per click for awhile with ACOS around 10% so I increased my bids and in the past 4 months it has risen to 46% all of a sudden. So then I lowered them back down and the ACOS is still super high. I wish I never increased it! I only advertise my top sellers (14 out of 263 products) and I have my CPC bid at $2.00 now. My average CPC was under 60 cents previously.

Here are the audiences I have:
Purchases remarketing Advertised products, Lookback: 7
Advertised products, Lookback: 30
Advertised product, Lookback: 7
Similar to advertised products, Lookback: 14
Similar to advertised products, Lookback: 7

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Has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with the advertising increases. Obviously without knowing too many specifics its impossible to pin point the precise issue, but coversion has a lot to do with it.

Currently, some kw are running at a 100% acos because everyone is trying to outspend each other before prime day. I’ve seen impressions increase 3 fold and so the rice in CPC and acos seems consistent.

Having said that, there is almost no constant with PPC which is where a bid management software comes into play with user caps initiated through the software.

There are no real tips per se except kw isolation for exact match campaigns for your most converting kws. So if you sell and Rand Battery and your most converting kw is “household battery” that should be in its own campaign/ad group as exact match to control spend.

Sorry, there is just way too much amiss to answer this with any more thoroughness. You will find excellent leads here, however.

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I’m asking about retargeted display campaigns, not sponsored product keyword campaigns…?

It doesn’t really matter. @Tried_Tested is correct. Not sure if Amazon is playing games on the backend or other advertisers have money to burn.

Our avg click across all campaign types has gone up from 89 cents to 2.32 from Jan to today and we have a vastly experienced person running our advertising efforts globally.

Never seen anything like it in my vast experience or his across multiple platforms. I find it interesting that these increases aren’t translating to Walmart / Google / ETC.

What is so special about Amazon where they are able to get 160% increase over a 6 month period…???

It’s most likely nothing you have done, rather Amazon or the maniacs that you are competing with that like to flush money down the crapper.

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The number of copycat products is way up for many.

On the average, demand is down.

Amazon is experiencing a huge gusher of advertising revenue.

Too many sellers chasing too few buyers.

Advertising your top sellers plays into the overall dynamic.

Try reallocating some of your ad money to growing some of your slower sellers which have potential.

I don’t think any of you realize I’m specifically asking about retargeting display ads.

I’ve been selling on Amazon for 8 years, this account started last year. I know how to structure campaigns. I know about knock offs, competitors, etc.

Again, retargeted display ads

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You do not want general advertising or even Advertising on Amazon tips, specifically RETARGETING DISPLAY ADS help.

I hear you and am posting to help narrow your responses.

#NeverForget BALLERINA Barbie. Not Malibu Barbie.

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Listen here Rand…


It’s hard to tell you how to proceed without any real data or insight into your products, campaigns, or competition, ACOS, clicks, etc…

If I had to guess, I would say you’re making a knee-jerk reaction. Wait another week or so and look at more data before modifying bids again and again.

The words “statistically significant” come to mind, read it in a book one time.

Also, its Friday and I am the liquor so don’t listen to me.

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retargeting display ads are subject to bids just like kws are so I do apologize for not speaking to SD, but the thesis doesn’t change at all and is still contingent upon the many variables of ads: bids, competition, targeting, niche, demand but primarily all cpc costs for everything amazon console - not even touching DSP has increased

You can only play the variables that you have and perhaps shorten them and test, but it is consistent with what we’re seeing as well and we have software that +/- bids based on set targets.

You might want to optimize for conversions only, but even then that doesn’t guarantee a decrease in CPC.

I hope others have better answers for you.

All the best!

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