Return Reason - Billing Error - New to me....

Never seen this before. What qualifies as a billing error?

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Maybe the payment for the order failed?

Anything that Amazon’s automated mechanisms detect as exposing Amazon itself to a violation of the CFBP’s rule § 1026.13 Billing error resolution (link, Federal Govérnment website).

Not all Amabots are created equal.


One case this happens is if the original refund bounces because that credit card account is closed or the issuer rejected it or what have you. So then they need to refund it again in a different way.

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I suspect it was…

Orders may be split into multiple shipments or even multiple orders. Because we charge for items when they’re shipped, it may result in multiple charges.

…with an error that did not resolve.

Is the refund amount the same as the sale price of the item?

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Amazon accounting …

It doesn’t happen too much now days but, back it the early days of internet, a customer could double click a pay now button and get charged twice for one order. A refund would have to be processed for the double charge. It could be at that exact time the Amazon system did a glitch and caused a double billing (and again a refund would be needed). Or it could even be Amazon correcting an error they made during an A to Z claim …

Worth Repeating ...

Amazon accounting …


I should have looked… Buyer was charged $9.99 for shipping and that’s what was refunded.

Perhaps a prime member glitch…

I’ve seen this happen before but never saw “Billing Error” as a reason. This must be new in the refund rolodex.


Honestly expect amazon to drop this line if asking seller support:

“Yo mama…”

All answers here are as good as any.