Rewards points for paying for PPC via credit card?

I tried switching to American Express, but American Express did not award points, so I switched to Visa, which also did not award points. I’ll keep it charging on my card so I can have 30 days to pay, but does anyone get rewards points for charging on their card? Both my cards award points, but not for Amazon PPC.


Yes … Capital One Visa


Us too Capital One Mastercard.



The highest point cards are Chase Ink Preferred followed by Amex Gold for marketing including Amazon PPC. I have both but never went beyond the point limit on Chase to switch to the Amex yet.

There are reddit forums explaining this which is where I got the info from long ago.


I don’t have Amex gold, but the one I have isn’t rewarding me for PPC. It rewards me for other purchases, though.

Thanks for the responses, though. I’ll keep these cards in mind if I ever decide on one more card. I don’t want too many cards right now.


Yes not all do. That’s the issue and not all give you the same reward points for advertising spend. The one’s I mentioned do so if you can get a hold of them and your spend is high enough - you can calculate if its worth it. Since each card has an annual fee


Our Capital One Visa has NO annual fee …

For us to accept a credit card, it can not have an annual fee and must have a rewards program for a service that we use and that we can benefit from.

And we never ever carry a balance.


The fee calculation depends on your spend.

Capital one is 1.5-2 x reward for $1 spend on ppc?

Whereas Chase In Preferred is 3x for every $1 spend

The two vying options are Chase Ink and Amex Gold - but iirc Chase points are higher penny to penny value than Amex points.


We like airline miles, so I have a Bank of America Business MC and a Barclays Aviator Business MC.

(I have two because the BOA one kept getting stolen by a vendor - I solved that by using PayPal as a “front” for charges, but now I have two)


@Amazon_Seller are you still working on this? Is there a card that’s working for you, mentioned or not?

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I have yet to check my latest card, which supposedly gives me 1.5% back on everything, no matter what category. Let’s see if that works.


UPDATE: Yes! My new BofA credit card does give me rewards for advertising. Yay! :slight_smile:


Agree about not carrying a balance, BUT

BUT do not be so firm on the “annual fee” deal breaker.

Had Amex Gold paying me 5x the transportation spend for the last 4 years.
Got me 500,000 points - just on my usps/fedex bill

Anyway - Amex got wise, and took the Transportation off this years. But I think they added Marketing.