Safe-t Claim - Who Pays


i was wondering who typically absorbs the costs of an approved safe-t claim. Does the customer get their refund deducted/cancelled, or does Amazon eat the costs up.

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Amazon usually eats the cost. They only seem to pass the cost back to the buyer if the buyer has a history of filing overturned claims.


Mileage varies in this regard, and there exists very little full transparency upon the question from Amazon-supplied data.

Amazon does reserve the right to recharge, in the Buyer Community Participation Agreement, where & when it sees fit, as is explained (in somewhat-obscure ‘legalese’ detail) in the three-known iterations of the CHC’s (“Customer-facing Help Content”) “Conditions of Use” @,, &, as well as in certain other documents.

That being said, Amazon’s customer-centric focus has long led it to foot certain bills of this nature itself, absent any egregious violation(s), as our friend Maintak has elucidated upthread.

Still, the evolution of SAFE-T Claim policy in recent years suggests - rather strongly, IMHO - that Amazon is growing increasingly tired of footing the bill, and seeking any methodology it can (“Defective By Design,” anyone?) to slough off these costs squarely on the backs of the Seller Community.

With that being said, it also appears that the recent trend in the Retail Industry - of holding buyers accountable for the consequences of their decisions - might well be making some inroads into Amazon’s customer-centric policies, albeit somewhat haltingly…

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I think more and more Amazon is throwing it back to the customer.

I certainly hope so.

In the past, it seems that Amazon just covers the cost which has always upset me. The customer is unaware that they got caught and will just continue defrauding 3P sellers. Maybe this is why the Reps are instructed not to reimburse more than 20% because it’s coming out of Amz’s pocket.