same ASIN for two different products

… specifically, my custom jewelry order and some random car thingies.

Buyer is unable to find her custom order because when she searches the ASIN, this is what she gets (with my product nowhere to be found):

I’ve given her both the ASIN and the full url, and she gets … random car thingies, with the exact same ASIN as my listing.

I suggested some specific search paths. If those don’t work, I’ll copy the listing to get a new ASIN. However, WHY is Amazon showing her car stuff when she inputs my ASIN? She says she has not searched for any of those car items or similar.


Searching just the ASIN can cause this to happen.

There’s a specific edited link that you need to use to get to the product. @Dogtamer - do your thing pls and provide that. I bookmarked that over at the OSFE but obviously can’t get it now.

As for the direct link not working, that is strange but Dog might know the answer to that too.

Good Luck


This is the one we use from @Dogtamer{{{ INSERT ASIN# }}}


Thanks Steve.

I ran the same searches (ASIN, and url) from a private browsing window, and I found the listing both times. No idea why Amazon is showing her car stuff from my ASIN.

She is a repeat customer, so I know she’s not just jacking around. After 8 or 10 messages to create a custom set, this is frustrating for both of us.


Thanks! However, that’s what I sent her.


Do a search of the AISN in the Report a Violation tool and see what it pulls up.

Maybe customer needs to clear browser cookies and cashe.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll run the search after I finish today’s orders.

In the mean time, a note from my customer:


Yes, that’s the “raw” ‘simplified’ URL protocol which will generally cut through any of the A9/A10 Algorithm’s attempts to sell ya something.

Another useful “raw” link structure is for the Offer-Listing URL, with which a seller can direct a buyer directly to their own Offer-Listing on a given ASIN’s PDP - pre-populated with the Buy Box:**ASIN**)/?seller=(MERCHANT ID)


I have a slightly different. Also, no “/” after the ASIN, but yours works also.



My results :woman_facepalming:


Also, you aren’t using “O” instead of Zero in the ASIN lookup are you?



I cut and pasted from Manage Inventory, and sent her that link. i don’t know if she typed or pasted.


When I copied directly from your client’s screenshot using my extract text function, it was “O” (capital letter) not “0” (zero). I didn’t even notice. :woman_facepalming:

When I copied B0CWYJ4GHQ from @oneida_books post and searched directly, Amazon didn’t return any results (not even crappy ones; left image), but when I used the link (right image), it went straight to your ASIN. :star_struck:

ETA: Do not get me started on typefaces and fonts that are bad for clarity and accessibility, grrrr. Here on SAS, it’s already a pain with capital i (I) and lowercase L (l) :rage:


Difference in the url used …
The one that didn’t work was using .com/s?k=ASIN
The one that did work was using .com/dp/ASIN


No, in both of my posts, the first thing I did was input the ASIN into Amazon’s search directly. The only url used for this was basic

On both posts, the second thing I did was use the url you posted, However, on the first try, the ASIN was incorrect, using a capital “O” for what should have been a zero 0. The second try, I had corrected the ASIN, and it worked.

Even with the correct ASIN, the Amazon search did not pull the item. The difference was that with the correct ASIN, it merely said “no results,” unlike with the incorrect ASIN, where it displayed unrelated ads.


Search probably isn’t ( or wasn’t) showing the ASIN because it shows as currently out of stock. If you loaded a quantity (or made as a new listing), then it probably wasn’t fully propagated in the system when the customer first tried to find it.

Currently when we search, search shows No results for B0CWYJ4GHQ while the dp/ASIN goes to the product and shows Currently unavailable.

Interesting use of a listing to create a custom order for a specific customer. We do that on our site but never considered doing it through Amazon. Very creative … hats off to you!


I waited several hours before sending the link to the customer, to make sure it was active and searchable.

Yes, currently unavailable because it was OOAK.

On whichever platform a customer sees me and asks for custom items, that’s the platform I do the order. I migrated a custom order only once, when a customer was having so much trouble with Amazon, she asked if I could move it to Etsy.

I made two custom orders this week, one on Amazon and one on MakerPlace. It’s one of the things I miss a lot from my in-person selling days — working with the customer and making something special for them that no one else has. It’s harder to do online.

I used to have my own website, but closed it when the server changed. “Make a new website” is on the back burner somewhere.


I always go to the product detail page, copy the page URL, and send that link to the customer.


2 things should be noted, and I forgot to mention them:

  1. New ASINs don’t make it into the search algo for about 5 days.
  2. OOS will also not show up in a typical search