Scaring Customers - No featured offers available

Now I don’t spend a lot of time browsing around since I’m mostly on the backend.

But I’ve never seen the : No featured offers available [ Learn more ] button before.

Ok Amazon’s bots thinks all the sellers have too high a price.
Why throw in NOT Reliable & NOT helpful for the sellers on the listing?


It means there’s a lower price somewhere other than Amazon they’re choosing to not show a buy box to protect customers from overpaying for a product.

Sometimes the bots get it wrong, but whenever I’ve seen that on a page it actually is a crappy price.

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I get that, it’s the NOT Reliable & NOT helpful part.

Now the buyer doesn’t know which of the 3 bullets is the reason.


Because some sellers are denied a buy box because their shipping speed sucks or their ODR is too high.

They needed a 1 size fits all message and that’s what you see.

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well, we all know they don’t read so it’s probably not a big worry

Now this Detail Page look I like

Now We are talking