Search suppression on Manage Inventory page

In the last few days this has popped up on my Manage Inventory page:

You can now prevent search suppression and improve listing quality on this page by clicking the new “Address suppression risk” and “Improve listing quality” links in the status column below. If you prefer to improve your listing quality via file upload, click the “Improve Listing Quality in Bulk” link above.

Only I don’t see a link for “Address suppression risk”. Where is it?

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The option appears next to suppressed listings.

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  1. It would appear under “Manage All Inventory” right next to said sku under status tab.

  2. Also if there happens to be an Improve listing quality notice, then it behooves one to do so as it seems that they do, in fact, suppress listing in search - in very recent experience.


Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 12.49.11 PM


On mine, it says 2 items.

And then when I look or click on “those two items” – nothing shows up.