Searches and Titles

I’m creating all my parent listings and a question came to mind.

Normally, my titles go:

Doily Boutique Table Runner or Dresser Scarf with Victorian Blue Roses Embroidered on Ivory Material Size 34 x 15 inches

But for the parent it should be MORE generic:


Doily Boutique Victorian Blue Rose Collection embroidered on Ivory Material

In the variation, there are small doilies, placemats, and table runners, and one tablecloth.

In a way, I’m not putting those key search words in the title anymore. Am I hurting myself?

Which way do I go?

I noticed for my first parent listing – green candle – I can go in and add stuff by editing the parent and put in key words, put in a collection of pictures to show the different variations, etc…

Guess I need strategy help

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Keep in mind that parent listings aren’t seen anywhere - they’re a good kickstart if you’re creating variations from scratch (rather than linking existing ASINs). If that’s the case, I’d make them generic so it makes it easier on you to just go into all the subsequent child listings and modify the titles with the specific information needed.

Stuffing the parent does nothing - it’s not seen. As I fix/change titles of listings now, I don’t even touch the parent ones - I just leave whatever I originally had there.


Thank you.

Keeping it simple is ok then.