Seller Central Dragging & Slow

Anyone else notice that seller central seems to drag and respond slower than normal this week?

Or is it just us?

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Us too. Just put through a price update file and hasn’t been updated for about 10 minutes. usually instantaneous. Last night I added some listings with flatfile and they didn’t show up for hours.

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No noticeable slowdown for me.


It is and has been normal and fast for us.

We do have over a 300 Mbps internet speed at our warehouse.

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My Ookla speed test maxs out at 360 Mbps.
All other sites are fine but seller central.

I’ll clear all history and see if that does something.

Manually adding items is taking forever to validate fields


It’s not just you. The solution for us has been a complete restart.

It’s happening on 2 different laptops / 2 different seller accounts on a Gigabit Ethernet direct connection.

Both accounts go back to normal non-lag speed after machine shut down / restart which is very strange…

This happened last week as well. Same solution worked until last night when it happened again. Today things seem normal.

I haven’t checked CPU usage but if it happens again, maybe I will. Perhaps Amazon is pushing something that’s eating up all the memory… Probably not but you never know.

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Maybe it’s an East Coast server problem.


Could be. Did you have these same issues at some point last week or the week before?

I get my days and weeks mixed up at this point… Too much going on.

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Since this is about Amazon, please define normal … having a hard time wrapping our head around having Amazon and normal in the same sentence. :man_shrugging:

We see a slow down any time they are playing with a site update or when we need to update Chrome or Firefox or when there is a Windows 11 update waiting to be rebooted.

Most of the time it clears with us doing the browser and windows updates and a reboot.

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This would probably not help much but does help older work computers like mine:

Extra info to adjust Windows based computers to Performance setting instead of Appearance.

Click Start Menu (or whatever it is called nowadays)

Choose: System>About>Advanced System Settings>Settings (under Performance section)>Click Adjust for Best Performance>OK

Click for image

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It’s happening again and tonight is glacier slow… This sucks…

When you are filtering through hundreds of orders to find reorders to request reviews on is painful enough on a daily basis. This aint helping.

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4 days ago, I added 3 new listings. All were active within 30 minutes; however, one of them had no images. I refreshed several times & still no pics. After 24 hours, I deleted all the pics and added them again. Still nothing.

The next day I copied the picture-less listing and deleted the original. Voila!

And then it happened again with 2 more new listings — one showed images, and one did not. Next day I copied & deleted the old listing.

Not a difficult fix, but still annoying.


The slowness is adding 7 hours a week to a process we do. Extra hour a day…

Nothing fixes it at this point so it’s definitely Amazon.

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Good to know. It did seem to increase performance slightly although it degraded the text definition significantly which I could live with. Hard to tell as I think the Amazon site was crawling last night while most other sites appeared normal so I think Amazon was definitely having problems last night for me.

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I wish I could figure out why our friends are experiencing a slowdown.
I can click all around and everything seems to load quickly.

Clicking Next on viewing 100 orders per page takes 3 seconds to load.
Clicking Next on viewing 250 items per page under Manage All Inventory takes 12 seconds.

(stop-watch timed)

Is this considered fast or slow for Seller Central load times?

about blurry text

Side note: cttune is a neat feature to cleanup text on monitors. (windows key+R for run command and enter cttune then click OK)

Seems to be a bit better today.
Not so many spinning icon, page loading issues (so far)

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Mine seems a bit odd this afternoon

Took Refreshing about 4 times before it looked more normal. That is probably a chrome issue though.

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and now they are advertising at me on my orders pages

Yikes. Usually instant for me - running Gigabit / Ethernet. Clicking into the orders 40% of time results in the death spin which has to be refreshed multiple times to actually see the order.

We are in the unfortunate position of being constantly tagged with fake negative reviews from one of our competitors so we need to fight back by requesting reviews from our repeat buyers. A couple thousand orders are reviewed by me weekly for this purpose. If a buyer is going to leave a review, and they bought before, their review / rating will most likely be positive. You need to use all the tools at your disposal to win / fight back. That’s what selling on Amazon has taught me. Never give up / Never lay down. Refuse to lose.

Before we were doing this our review rate was point four percent. Now it’s 4 percent. Takes about 10 hours a week normally to do it. Now it takes 15 because of the constant lag / refresh.

Thankfully, SAS has been able to get some of the more ridiculous negative reviews removed but that hasn’t been easy or quick but it does get done…

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Real ■■■■ show tonight for me. Maybe it’s my end (don’t think so, everything else is working fine). So much for getting productive in your spare time.

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