Seller Forums, a Year in Review

NSFE link: Seller Forums, a Year in Review

As we begin 2024, we’re looking back - through fun facts and highlights - at some of the interesting accomplishments you and other members of our Amazon Seller Forums community had over the past year…


Only 1.5 million? I guarantee the OSFE was a larger group.

3000 of those community manager posts are “thank you for your tip” in that thread where they were giving away Amazon gift cards. Shakespeare is unimpressed.


That feels low

But how many actually had content???

@joebcrafts picked out the same exact points!

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I got an email like this a couple weeks ago, thanking me for my contribution.

Amazon’s AI is so bad that it doesn’t even know I didn’t even post a like, let alone a post.

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The promotional group must have watched Spaceballs recently …


Side Note

We laughed so hard when the scene had a table full of Spaceball products in the movie.
Dark Helmet “you already have Spaceballs product? … but the movie isn’t out yet”
Mel Brooks “Merchandising … we thought ahead”
(it may not be exact quote but close enough for those who haven’t seen it)

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two different parts you’ve got going on there…

first is when they are looking for Lone Star and friends and Dark Helmet reacting to Colonel Sanders telling the spaceball to get Spaceballs the Movie from Mr Rental. “Instant Cassettes” was the new technology. They proceed to fast foward through the movie to now now. What happened to then? We passed it? When? Just now… When will then be now? Soon.

the other part was Yogurt talking about where the real money from the movie is made.
Spaceballs the T-shirt! Spaceballs the coloring book! Spaceballs the lunchbox! Spaceballs the breakfast cereal! Spaceballs the flame-thrower!
The funny thing is that there wasn’t Spaceballs merchandise sold after the movie. Mel Brooks had to promise Lucas not to sell action figures and things.

He promised Lucas not to make Lone Star look like Han Solo, so he dressed him like Indiana Jones instead. :slight_smile:

I didn’t post this earlier … and then even started a thread after this one. Oops!

Anyway, just to put in my 2 ¢

I would LOVE to know how many of those resolved something or were actually helpful.


1.5 million sellers visited the forums?

If that is “unique” visitors I honestly don’t think I believe it.

    How many Amazon sellers are there in 2023? (According to Google)

    The platform houses approximately 9.7 million sellers worldwide, with 2.3 million of them actively participating in the Amazon marketplace.

I don’t even know if the OSFE had that many visitors.


We are on the rise!

Although, its a bit disturbing that 15% of the traffic is coming from India. No offense, but I just don’t think 15% of the members here are logging in from IN. The bad actors are watching…


Or how many wernt copy/paste or blurbed.

I’m going to guess they are not logged in and are viewing as guests.

This could also be seller support reps googling for right answers to answer cases. Lol



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That’s VA traffic


Heres a crazy idea, we open a locked thread to give advice to VA’s, charge a small monthly fee. VA’s get good advice and their clients down get shut down. WIN/WIN/WIN. The catch? We will still mock and ridicule you.


I think one of the top reasons people hire those services is for ungating. Ungating services submit fake invoices. There’s really no good advice to give there.


Well they also hire them to run the whole account, and we all know they don’t know how to do that at all.

It is also well known that a VA isn’t needed to run even a decent sized account.


I don’t know why people hire VAs for that. 90% of the work involving running an Amazon account is product selection and sourcing

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There’s literally ads on upwork of people asking for paid contractors to:

Teach account holders the basics of amazon
Manage PPC
Research products

Not that basic tasks can’t be trained or that remote work should be frowned upon - but if you read some of these posts - you’ll realize the person posting has no clue and is looking at the wrong place assuming the availability of underpriced experts without having requisite knowledge of how things really work.


Hey, don’t knock my ad bro.

Again non-issue in any of these ads - a job is a job but are you going to get a VA from the Philippines with intricate knowledge of how ppc works? No. At best, they can manage bids based on parameters/instructions and file uploads. There is literally software for this.


I will say, having actually gotten a few clients on there and having interviewed with many more.

There is a massive discrepancy between expectations and pay. I am not “cheap” per-say. But I wouldn’t consider $40/hr overly expensive.

However, I have had more than 1 fish on the line who ended up going with $15/$20 “PPC USA” company in the end.

It never works out for them.

I had one client who moved over to one of these cheaper companies. Took two months but they came back to me to fix the account. MY GOD. The automated PPC bs these guys run is insane.

So long story short, you get 100% what you pay for.


I looked at a lawsuit recently that named a Philippines VA as a defendant for submitting the same forged invoice on half a dozen different seller accounts.

I wouldn’t hire any of those jokers for anything, period.