🆘️ Seller SOS on SAS (avoiding scams)

Everyday, thousands of potential Sellers apply to Amazon and other e-commerce sales sites, hoping they have the right combination of luck and skills to be successful making a living (or more) in online retail.

Unfortunately, plenty of bad actors out there make their own living by taking advantage of those Baby Sellers, Oldie Sellers, and some Just Plain Lazy Sellers, by making impossible promises and grifting.

:sos: Seller SOS is a topic running thread where SAS members can share WARNINGS about e-comm scams and TIPS AND TOOLS for avoiding them, as well as general business scams and grifts.

:warning: This topic is viewable, linkable, and shareable by the public and anonymous users. Only logged-in SAS members can react and post.


This post from @Best_Handmade_Soaps. Watch the whole video from Coffeezilla. Applies to all e-comm sites.


A most-excellent utilization of resources, methinks.

We members of the SAS REALLY need an ability to defray the costs incumbent upon the SAS Staff for maintaining this forum…


With how hard a certain banned OSFE user/Amazon “influencer” has been hitting up SAS lately, we certainly expect to see this great idea of ours duplicated/scraped to their own alternaforum quite soon :roll_eyes:


I can probably speak for all to say we really appreciate your (and other mod’s) diligence protecting this space for us.


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29 October 2023
Amazon phishing scam (for shoppers -or- Sellers) via SMS (link is NOT clickable)

COMMERCIAL ALERT: Denied charges for $890.45 is pending on 10/29 at Amazon, visit https:// washngtn .ch/ secure_commercialbmklgn/ to deny or accept.

Usps txt scams recently, all from non US numbers.

+44 is United Kingdom
+63 is Phillipines


Thanks for this reminder. I still have a landline (via Verizon Fios) with caller ID and I never answer unless I recognize the phone number.

People I know know how to reach me.

Strange numbers calling my cell, never. About 6 people in my life have my cell number, which changes every few years as I search for more useful and cheaper cell service.


Ha! Same…

Always, text messages too! There are an inordinate amount of Chinese women that want to go to dinner with me. They even send their pictures. Every one of those gets deleted and blocked and I get a new one almost every day. Been going on for years. Weird!


No one ever asked me to dinner via an unsolicited text.

I would find it difficult to be any part of the online dating world now.

The DH reminded me yesterday we first met on December 7, 1986 when I made a shiva call (at his cousin Leslie’s insistence, since she had been trying to get us together for awhile) when his Mother died.

It took us a while to get married, but I think things were nicer back before Tinder.


I’m sure my cell number got swiped from using WeChat and WhatsApp for when my partner is travelling internationally. That’s when it all started.

So be warned all… - See how I got us back on topic there??? :rofl:

I got my first cellphone in 1993, and recall there was an incident of “cloning” many years back that had my cell provider send me a multi-page paper bill for somewhere north of 2 grand for calls to the DR and PR that I had not initiated. I was not obligated to pay and I think the cellphone carriers must have fixed it , somehow.