Seller Support gets a lot of cases..... Oh My

Following my SAS managers recommendations on doing SAS’s job for them, I just opened up a couple of new cases. Based on the #'s, it appears Amazon got 4500 cases in 15 mins…

300 a min, 5 per second.

No wonder support sucks.

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Well, that or they doctor the numbers just so that you THINK they are really busy.

Not that anyone would ever do that, of course. The name Enron and wonky accounting comes to mind…

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I doubt they doctor the numbers but who knows.

They’re not sequential

Every case number I’ve ever seen ends in a 1, the other numbers aren’t necessarily sequential either.

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I just looked, and you are right.


This as far as the ending.

I’ve notice in the past while using MWS a similar situation. I suspect there’s a date/timestamp and maybe even MerchantId encryption at play.