Ship faster sickness

Monkey see monkey do. Now Etsy is believing that the absolute key is adjusting processing time too.

So what if I “processed” (printed the shipping label) on a Sunday evening. It isn’t any different than if I wait until Monday morning to do it. Seriously none of the people writing this drivel has ever actually run a business that needs to ship something.


Sure, and what if Monday is a Holiday, that USPS and UPS do not transport items on.

Etsy can not even run their own life I will be damned if they run mine, or my team.

Open Letter to Etsy, now that “Google Juice” is picking up here.
Why not hire a programmer, look up the days USPS ships and DON’T ask us to ship on that day. Mr. Josh Silverman check with your CFO, I bet your balance sheet has a few line items you could draw upon.

Do the research, pay the programmer, then and only then will we go back to 2 day processing. For now you get three days, we would love to delight your customer however, your system causes this problem.

And no I am not going to stay up and switch all our listings to three day when I see a holiday coming. You are the eCommerce channel it is your teams job, not mine.


I was fixing to post this earlier but decided it was a nothing burger. Mine said I might realize a $35/year gain. BFD! My setting is M-F but I most always ship Friday’s orders on Saturday and many times early Saturday morning orders get shipped same day as well. I clicked the link for more info and had the option to include Sat and Sun where as it said Sunday ship by would be moved to next business day. I’m not sure I understood it completely as would Saturday need to be shipped same day or on Sunday? I unchecked Saturday as any order I get on Sunday I would always ship it on Monday.

LOL definitely not worth the added hassle and stress.

I think their “research” is noticing that everyone else has larger market share and faster shipping.


Yes, we offer 2 day shipping for most products on Amazon, even custom. Now we offer 3 day shipping for most products on Etsy. Due to the Etsy position, “you must ship on a holiday” issue.

To the market share, I have not added it up, what we sell is a very small fraction on the Etsy channel compared to our own websites and other channels. I am sure I don’t need to indicate our largest eCommerce channel.

What I do like about Etsy is we can work with the customers. I would consider some of them our “New Product Development Team” great ideas. They love to share, and work with us to create prototypes that they buy, then we convert many of them to mainstream products.

We have one product line that came from a Etsy person, it has sold over $30K in the last two years.

No way does Amazon allow that. And we have never stiffed Etsy by taking the customer away from them.


I usually prep my weekend orders on Sunday to make Monday a little easier - and the ‘Ship Date’ always says Monday. So how exactly is this dumb change going to work? No thank you!