Shipment Performance Notification - Missing New Disposition on Barcode

  1. We get our barcodes printed directly on packaging

  2. We never had an issue but for aesthetic reasons we didn’t add the word new - disposition and we only sell in new disposition

  3. But per policy I guess having the term New on the sticker is important?

  4. How seriously should I consider this since I have at least 1.3 containers where this is not true and I would be taking a risk and potentially receiving another inbound performance notification - although on my dashboard I have no outstanding shipment violations. It was sent as a direct email.

Looking for thoughts since I feel they’re trying to find an excuse to charge me. Barcodes are scannable so I have no clue what they mean in “addition to”


PS - I know policy blah blah blah but Fr!!!

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So had a call with them this morning and essentially they have 3 shipment performance levels two of which I can only remember: elevated and critical - critical is when they halt shipments but we’re already working on adding condition/disposition of each item by adding the word new right below our fnsku barcodes.

Truly idiotic but it is what it is. Policy compliance on our end will be had by the end of July