Shipping settings for using FC mail on eBay

I ship my items using first-class mail and, if possible, would like to get this nifty green text on my listings:


These are my current settings -


Even with what appears to be a 4-day max, I’m still not getting the ‘delivery in 4 days text’ :frowning: Can anyone tell me what I need to change?

Currently, my offers show “Delivery:
Estimated between Fri, Feb 24 and Mon, Feb 27”

The system appears to be ignoring Saturday as a potential delivery date. Is that because I chose a generic shipping method (as opposed to one that delivers on Saturdays), or is it a setting somewhere I have to enable?

I don’t really want to switch to one of the USPS options, because they don’t fit well.
So far, generic expedited at 1 to 3 days seems to work ok, other than not giving me the ‘4-day delivery’ green text.

Also, is there anywhere to see historical data on late deliveries (not late shipping)?

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For me, Ebay’s shipping settings are more difficult to figure out than Amazon’s. With the new listing format mine looks like this

Displayed on the listing with my zip (Seattle area) it shows this
When I change it to Boston 02115 it shows this

Probably not much help to your question but that’s all I got. :man_shrugging:


My listings show the green Free 4-day shipping, and I some even show 2-4 day shipping.

I don’t have Saturday shipping selected, even though most of the time I do, and on all listings, I offer free first-class shipping. I’ve tried multiple times to add expedited shipping for an extra fee, but I can’t seem to figure out how to add it as an option, so I just gave up.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing the screenshot you posted; I don’t see that anywhere.

This is what shows under my listings…🠋

This is what shows under Shipping Preferences…🠋

If you need me to open one of the edited sections and take a screenshot, let me know, but there is not much to see.

This is what shows under Shipping policy and handling…🠋

Hopefully, that helps; let me know if you need me to look at or post anything else.

On a side note: Even though I have Puerto Rico excluded, I get a few orders monthly from PR and Guam. Most of the time, I have to google the address or contact the buyer to confirm because they’re not entered in correctly for USPS. I have to modify the address, which makes me nervous from an eBay coverage standpoint, but they all seem to arrive, I haven’t had any delivery issues, and the shipping price is no higher than normal, so I’ve just left it as is.

Thanks for the help. Since you and @wadeorcas both use the pre-defined first class mail option, maybe that’s why you have the green text and I don’t.

I assumed (oops) it would show a longer delivery promise, based on the 2-5 days than if I chose a shipping option that spelled out 1-3 days, but maybe not. I’ll give the first-class (2 to 5 days) option a try and see if that brings my green text back - or if the green text has any impact on sales.

I’ve tried multiple times to add expedited shipping for an extra fee, but I can’t seem to figure out how to add it as an option

Is this what you’re looking for?

I have it on some of my items, but don’t see any way to check if buyers can see it when they check out. No one has ever chosen it, and it doesn’t seem to be visible on the main offer page anywhere.

Do either you or @wadeorcas know if eBay has any way to view your on-time delivery statistics, other than checking each package one by one?

Surely, they look at this, or everyone would offer next day service if there were no penalty for delivering late. I can only find data on late shipments, not late deliveries. It must be there somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Thanks again to both of you.

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I tried it on one of my listings, but as you mentioned, it doesn’t show up, or at least it’s not visible on the listing.

I used to see expedited options on other sellers’ listings (on the main page), but it appears eBay has removed it, so I assume it shows as an option at checkout. On the one listing I tried, I had a few buyers message me asking to expedite their order (not sure if it was just a coincidence). Still, they didn’t select or pay the additional fee, and because they had already paid for the item, it couldn’t be added after the fact. I think they saw it as an option but didn’t want to pay for it and then tried to get me to expedite it free of charge.

I agree with @wadeorcas that eBay’s shipping settings are not as user-friendly as Amazon’s, especially not being able to see what the buyers are seeing. I like the idea of having it as an option because of the items I sell, but I find many eBayers like to nickel and dime you, and I think it may cause more problems than it is worth. I also got rid of “Best Offer” (large lot items); boy, what a headache that was; I couldn’t believe some of the lowball offers I was getting and so many additional messages trying to bargain or convince me.

Last year I was using eBay only to sell Amz returns, expiring soon, and items with slight imperfections. I moved a lot more inventory over at the beginning of the year, and February has been a great month, with dozens of orders a day with a lot fewer headaches. I had two shipments this month that showed delivered but not received, and eBay covered them, no questions asked. I also like that buyers can not leave negative feedback if they lose a claim, and you have the option of reporting a buyer, which I did for the first time this month, and eBay sided with me; automated and super easy. My only real complaint is that I have to promote to sell products quickly; do you use promotions for your listings?

Not that I know of, but there is a great report that you can download which has everything except the delivery date; it is so strange because eBay has the info/data when an order is delivered, so I wonder why they don’t include it. I don’t think Amazon offers that, either.

I agree with both of you that setting up shipping on eBay isn’t exactly intuitive. But now that I’m past the initial set up, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

My only real complaint is that I have to promote to sell products quickly; do you use promotions for your listings?

I don’t. I don’t advertise either there or on Amazon. Since I haven’t tried it, I can’t say how it influences sales. What I have noticed though, is that items people want start selling right away without any help. I’ve only had a couple of those, but always looking for more. :grin:

I also got rid of “Best Offer”

I never use it, but still occasionally get people asking if I’ll take half (or less) of the offering price. That would be a ‘no’. :laughing:

I don’t think Amazon offers that, either.

Amazon doesn’t offer a report, but they do have the OTD (on-time delivery) number, and several other policies to discourage you from saying you’ll deliver in 2 days… but then taking 10 days.

I couldn’t find anywhere on eBay that directly discourages you from promising a too-short delivery commitment that you can’t possibly meet. I suppose it would result in negative feedback which would impact your Seller level, but that’s all I could see.

Amazon shows I’ve only had 1 late delivery in the last month, I wondered if eBay provided similar summary data, but I guess not. It * is * weird that they wouldn’t include that on a report. It seems like a data point many users would find helpful.

on rare occasions, I got that at craft fairs — and stared that person straight in the face and asked if they’d be willing to take a 50% pay cut on their job. After they got all flustery and blustery, I’d smile and turn away.


As far as I can tell, eBay doesn’t ding you if the item arrives late; they do ding you if the item is marked as “shipped,” but tracking is not scanned on time, whereas Amazon does not ding your metrics if tracking is scanned late only if you don’t confirm the order by the ship-by-date. As we know, sellers will always lose on an A-z claim if an order is scanned late. It also appears that Amazon tracks a seller’s delivery time, which will lengthen your estimated delivery shown on listings and can affect winning the BuyBox.

As already mentioned, I also do not remember seeing an On-Time or Late Delivery report on eBay.

But to have the Free 1-4 day shipping message:

  • You offer free shipping as your first (default) shipping option in the template ** Most important **

  • Both you and your buyer are located in the 48 contiguous US states

  • eBay can estimate the item’s delivery date as 4 business days or less based on your handling time, the delivery service you’ve offered, your location, and the buyer’s delivery address

How to qualify for a free shipping message displayed:

  • Offer free delivery using a shipping service that will arrive in 4 days or less

  • Offer same-day or 1-day handling

But to have the Free 1-4 day shipping message:
eBay can estimate the item’s delivery date as 4 business days or less based on your handling time, the delivery service you’ve offered, your location, and the buyer’s delivery address

Is that from their help system? Thanks for finding it. I didn’t even bother to look. :grimacing:

But it’s still odd that I wouldn’t have it on my listings, when using a 1-day handling time and 1-3 day delivery, because that should put the latest delivery time at 4 days. Maybe eBay doesn’t trust us to estimate our own delivery times and they aren’t taking me at my word when I say - I can get it there in 3 days. :laughing:

yes. located here,

(sorry trying to use cell phone)

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I don’t think they do. But you should be able to choose these options to achieve the result.

Checking the Free Shipping Box and having it alone or first is important.

The sellers ratings on eBay are affected by late shipments.

It’s not as clear cut in language as it is on Amazon. But late shipments affect your seller rating and
“ The buyer confirms the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date, unless there’s an acceptance scan within your handling time or there’s delivery confirmation by the estimated delivery date

I think you bolded the wrong part. :wink: Isn’t the key word “or”?

I had read this part, and it seems to be all about on-time shipping (not delivery). The way I read it, you are counted as shipping on time if either of these things happen:

  • There’s an acceptance scan within your handling time
    OR (if you happen to ship late)
  • Tracking shows it was received on time.

So even if you ship late, you still get counted as shipping on time if you deliver on time.

However, this is all about the on-time shipping requirement.

What’s to stop someone from promising delivery in 2 days, and then shipping on day 1 (to meet the on-time shipment requirement) but delivering 5 or 6 days later? Is there any penalty for that?

The only one I can see is that buyers might be upset and leave you negative feedback, which would then impact your seller rating. But eBay doesn’t seem to check on-time delivery directly, in any way I can find.

I use it with the acceptable minimum field filled in and the automatically accept field filled in.

That works.

But I also get buyer messages offering me half the listed price when there is no best offer.

I do not worry about the delivery time on the listing. I set a 5 day handling time and specify economy shipping, then usually ship same or next day. The fact that I can do it is such a relief compared to AZ that I ship more quickly. My shift to smaller items and stayflat mailers has reduced my packing time dramatically, even when I cannot immediately find an item. So has the decreased number of active listings.

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Not sure if this helps, but you can go under ‘Shipping labels’ and view orders for the last 90 days, which shows the label date and transit/ delivery status. It would be fairly easy for eBay to include a print/report option that could also include your on-time delivery statistics. I submitted feedback (Tell us what you think) on the shipping label page and requested it; who knows if they even look at them, but worth a try.

On a side note: I don’t like that there is no way to offer a buyer a discount or concession after delivery without a return request. Ebay used to have partial refunds as an Action but removed it, and if offering a partial refund, there is no option to mark it as compensation; when refunding back a dollar amount or percentage, it dings the buyer.
Do you know of any way to do this without faulting the buyer?

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