shipping to Canada

I’m on Amazon’s US marketplace only. Maybe once a year I get an order from Canada. Prior to the recent postage change, I shipped First Class International ~ $12 for a 1 ounce package.

Today’s order was $15.79 (cheapest option) for DHL Express International plus duties makes $18.94. First Class International is no longer available. The extra $ won’t break me, but this is a reminder to anyone shipping .com > Canada to adjust your postage rates.

The text next to Buy Shipping:
This is a DDP shipping service, the price shown does not include duties and taxes, if any duties are charged by the recipient country customs office, the duties charges will be charged to your Amazon account.
Total delivery charge : $18.94


If I remember…

The default duty free threshold for imports to Canada is CA$20

The earrings are $34. With the new shipping rates, my profit margin is laughable. Of course I’ll raise the price for Canada shipping now, but I had a little sticker shock today.

Did you look on for First Class International? … or another provider other than Amazon Buy Shipping?

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My seller central shows me registered in CA Markeplace however I’ve never gotten an order to Canada. I have never figured it but there are a few items I consistently get orders for on Etsy and usually one or two a week. Etsy does offer FC International so I don’t know why Amazon would not have it. :man_shrugging:

I guess with USPS there would be no way to back charge you for the Duties. On Etsy, it’s all the buyer. I have buyer’s asking me to put $20 on the customs.

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I haven’t bought shipping yet, so that might be a good idea.

I can’t find you on so it’s a mystery how you even got an order. I tried to figure out the FBA program where they sell from your US inventory and gave up.

I’m not on
The order came on

To sell on .ca. I’d need a Canada return address.

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Oh, I did not even think we could do that since Amazon does not collect the Provence Tax ?? I guess I have that turned off.

ETA - Well I guess Etsy does not collect tax either.

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@meredithbead, maybe your “allow export to Canada” setting (might be in similar words) is on.
ETA: Found it under FBA settings like this:

Your order is FBM though… but it might be a similar setting&wording…

@Sundance, this is the latest, as far as I know:

For an import from the US to Canada, CAD (not USD) $40 is the threshold.


thanks DDS. $40 CAD is $29.3 USD today.

Shipping to Canada is enabled in my shipping settings. It’s the only country outside the US
I enabled.

USPS First Class International (on USPS) is $15.75, cheaper than Amazon’s $18.94. On ShipStation it’s $14.96


ShipStation is asking me to choose a form from a long list of forms, none of which seem correct.
USPS online won’t let me proceed because it says “invalid phone #”. BS I’ve had this # for 42 years and it’s very valid, thank you.

So I’m left with the option to buying Amazon DHL postage, or save $3+ by going into the post office tomorrow and filling out forms in person. Blah.

So sorry. A lot of extra work it seems. I think I’d leave my Canada sales for Ebay and Etsy. They always go smoothly.


I realized several years ago that my shipping books to anywhere but the US on Amazon was a losing game.

When I was in FBA, many books got shipped abroad, but it was not my problem.

I allow international shipping on other bookselling venues that know how to make it work without ripping off sellers.

On, I can request extra shipping (or a US address) if a book is heavy; not possible on Amazon. Alibris and Biblio have even better programs for shipping books abroad.

PS: Know what pisses me off? Chinese sellers on Amazon can ship directly to customers for pennies per package. If I shipped a similar weight package to a customer in China, it costs me north of 20 bucks.


Yep. Time to get out of the Universal Postal Union. If China will not condemn Russia over Ukraine at the UN, it’s time to get out of the UPU. IMO, this would be a good start to trade fairness.


neither of which I’m on right now, and no immediate plans.

I think it pisses off all of us.That and 40,000 other reasons.


I’m a bit late to the post - we have a contract with FedEx and they pay the duty/customs and we pay the local tax when the bill comes via FedEx. Rates are really great and they are taking images at delivery nearly all the time now - Cheers!

Hi guys, I need your thoughts/experience:

I live in Canada, my sister lives in MD. She has no USPS, UPS, or PayPal accounts. I have some items at her home to be shipped to Canada, but I don’t want to bother her with driving to UPS or USPS*. Can I send her a USPS First-Class Package International Service label with all the necessary information, which she would stick onto the envelope and drop the package at the USPS mailbox across her home?

I checked my rarely used (Canadian) PayPal account to generate a shipping label. The website forced me to sign up for NetParcel, which I did. Unfortunately, when I enter all the necessary information, the shipping options include only UPS & FedEx, there is no USPS.

I can’t sign up for a USPS account because I live in Canada.

Do you have any suggestions about how I can create/generate a USPS shipping label from here without a USPS / ShipStation etc account?



I was planning to visit my sister in MD soon but I’ll have to postpone the visit. I bought supplies from mostly US Etsy sellers in the last few weeks and shipped them to her address (the total $ amount is not a problem: under $400). I’d like her to ship them to me from the US to Canada.

She doesn’t have a USPS, UPS, or PayPal account. A USPS employee at the closest branch took advantage of her lack of experience a while ago by convincing her that the only way to send a 6x6x2 inches package, weighing about a pound would be Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express International if she wants tracking! She ended up paying $46.40 instead of $24.80 at most!

This time, I don’t want her to deal with USPS/UPS…


Have you tried to create a label on Pirate ship? Pirate ship is free. I use it all the time shipping from US to Canada.