Shipping Workflow Glitch? - Partnered Carrier Not Available?

Tried creating new LTL shipping plan and currently only SPD is available and I get the following message with LTL. Should resolve itself by end of day? Anyone see something like this before?

Yes, I’ve seen it reported several times over in the NSFE in recent weeks.

Is your ship from address valid?

Try changing it to an address down the block or something

Oh, since it’s LTL you can’t schedule a pickup this way, but you can test to see if it’s just your address that has an issue. (Maybe add a random suite number to your address)

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Address is valid - pick ups from here for years.

Address changed with same result

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With intermittent resolution or persistently perpetual problem with no resolution?

Meaning is this just a hangup or should I be worried?

Checked NSFE for most recent posts - didn’t see anything in the immediate results thus why posting here


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I’ve seen a few folks come back and say it was merely temporary for them, but I’ve yet to see anyone say that the reverse was true for them.

Often, as was true in earlier iterations of the ASF, folks don’t come back to update when things start working again as expected.

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Adding phone number to ship from address resolved issue immediately. As seen here


This must have coincided with the ability to add a time window for when you are requesting the pickups to happen - hours of operation. What took them so long to do that?


This has happened to me a couple times. We just copy and paste the URL into a new tab and then it works fine.

I initially thought this, along with the entire workflow being slow altogether, was a result of an older computer we had setup for creating shipments. Nope. I just built a new computer 2 weeks ago that’s super powerful and the time it takes for shipments to load hasn’t changed. :frowning:



Mine is newish - purchased last year with 12th Gen i9 and 64GB of RAM and 1GB fiber line and sellercentral shipment workflows are still slow as constipated :poop:



That’s interesting. I’ve got Fios Gigabit piped in with an Ethernet cable to a pretty basic HP laptop and that made everything seller central, including shipment creation, much much faster.


I think, here, “fast” is a bit relative. Previously had a fastish computer with similar Internet speeds and there was a slight hang up when switching from LTL to SPD and when finalizing LTL shipments - we’re talking nano-seconds to seconds. Sometimes, the page needs to be refreshed upon completion. We’re just confirming it’s a SC/server issue vs a local/ISP issue.

No stress, but when we’re dealing in a world of LLM’s (what everyone weirdly calls AI cuz that’s sexy) and fiber fast speeds. Things are expected to work that much quicker.

I often tell folks on a wide spectrum of belief systems that in order for them to drink their coffee in the morning, so many things have to go right in the world, which is beyond the scope of thought for most people.

Ignorance is bliss.