ShipStation is Glitchy

Not sure what category to put this in, but ShipStation is glitchy to DOWN for printing postage from USPS. Stamps has the same announcement.

Talk about making my heart stop.


PirateShip is not showing an issue as of now, so I don’t think it’s a USPS issue, at least not yet

Might have to make the complete switch to over there.

Just found an additional charge that ShipStation levied against all accounts called a connection fee or something. It’s not much, but dang it…it ALL adds up!

I don’t have time for $hit like this.


PayPal ShipStation gave us an error.

We went over to USPS account (note USPS pricing now same as ShipStation and Ground Advantage is available).

On the USPS site … when we first tried to create the label using the new interface, we could not get the system to recognize our stay flat envelope size (which it has in the past). To work around, we went into the settings and created a favorite shipping type to input the Ground Advantage with the stay flat dimensions. We then returned to the create a shipment page and re-input the info and selected our favorite size selection. It then recognized the shipping size and we were able to create the label and make the purchase (using our PayPal account as the method of payment). Printed the label and all is well.

Bottom line … there has to be an issue with USPS and ShipStation where the system is having an issue with the input of the custom size dimensions.

At least we found a temporary work around.

And PayPal knows there is an issue …

We tried twice to create the label on PayPal and got two charges followed by two refunds 5 minutes later (labels not created and we didn’t ask for the refund … was automatic)

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Endicia & Stamps were having “Communication Issues”

Anyone look at veeqo? Saw the add pop up on sc when looking inventory restock forecast or thereabouts. Apprently amazon multi channel fulfillment tapped into multiple shippers and multiple platforms. Also free.

Some of the seasoned & savvy forum vets were early adopters, when Amazon first began pushing it despite reports of various foibles; for my own part, we’re waiting to see whether or not the dev-coveted “Emerald Badge” shows up for Veeqo in the Amazon Seller Appstore…

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I won’t put any more eggs into Amazon’s basket. What happens if I get suspended? Then would yhat affect this? Don’t trust them



We dabbed our toes into the Veeqo waters and lost one of our big toes and the one next to it.
(joke stolen from an older post by Dogtamer)

I reported numerous errors and glitches to Veeqo directly. One glitch took 7 months to fix.

I stopped using Veeqo due to a CM / IN glitch where Veeqo provided Metric measurements instead of Imperial measurements.

When a buyer returned a package Amazon created a UPS label using the Veeqo CM instead of IN. Then the Adjustments started coming in because UPS calculated the dimensional weight as IN when Veeqo/Amazon gave CM. They multiplied the CM as IN and created adjustments for every return package.

Still working on getting our money back.

Citational reference to the NSFE URL of that post is available upon request.

Apparently, this is an ongoing problem in a variety of areas for Amazon, including, but not limited to, the TOO-long-standing Shipping Overcharge Adjustments paradigm (as has been reported in the NSFE, with a good deal of credible supporting evidence, by @The_Barrington_Garag, among others).

The available evidence suggests that TPTB’s embarkation on the GEI (“Global Expansion Initiative” in ‘Dogtamerese’) ain’t quite as grand an enterprise as Seattle’s panjandrums would have us believe…

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click for example of CM Adjustment

The conversion of cm to inches puts those inline with each other. Only the 63.5cm is under by 1 inch. The weight is the killer. 8459G is 18.65LB. We would like to see the item that fits in a 26in x 11in x 5in box that weighs 168lb since the carrier audit verifies dimensional the size of the package is basically the same.

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Well, not in person.

There’s a pretty fair chance that any item constructed of material of that elemental density has one or more radioactive isotopes/nuclides in play - and mayhaps a fairly-short half-life for reaching that emanating state while one is in proximity…

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We used Veeqo for a while when Amazon wasn’t offering the negotiated rates but Veeqo was. It was fine for us, although they didn’t have the ability to change the date for orders being shipped the next day. Nor were they able to provide invoices - they would charge our card when we approached $100 in postage, but we only knew of the charges by looking at the credit card statement. One unhappy bookkeeper here.

The other drawback was that we had to input the correct packaging and weight for every order since Veeqo didn’t carry that info over from one order to the next. Simple enough for us since we’re small, but challenging for the bigger guys.

Hopefully they’ve made improvements since we switched back to Amazon Buy Shipping.