ShipTo address , info, & Details

Our business is selling FBA & FBM.
Very little SellerCentral contact, basically all (+95% of) operations & processes are Software/API and/or File/Feed/Report driven. SellerCental most part is basically reserved for verification of some sort of doubt(s) etc.
[For example if a customer reaches our with/regarding a given Amazon order#, and it is not found, we will double check on Amazon’s Seller-Central directly, in which case we may find a pending (FBA) order.]

in the past i thought so, but today I belive I have verified that ocassionaly (when CSTR inputs too much detail data for delivery address/location), there is addiotional Ship-To information or address details that are not passed on to us, & only available on SellerCentral.
I am wondering if anybody has any knowledge, confirming such, explaining it, or know how we might be able to get all/more of the details (in such/similiar instances).

I did the basic resech & in the ordrs repotrt, much/some details I cannot find.


If you are referring to notes or delivery instructions that buyers give to Amazon when they place the order, you are correct that this information is not passed on to sellers. As far as I know, there is no way to access this information, and Amazon doesn’t care. I don’t even know why they let buyers give this information, all it does is cause problems.


FYI, I’ve noticed smart buyers are putting delivery instructions on the second address line.


No. not referring to notes, that’s separate.

I’m referring to the data as shown in the shipping info picture in OP in “Ship To”


To be clear, you are saying that if the buyer puts too much info in their “ship to” address, the information is truncated when passed on to your shipping API?

If so, this is an issue with your API / software, not an Amazon issue.


It is also not ALL included in the Orders Report download. [from SellerCentral]!

(so i am not yet convinced of your determination)


Hmm, interesting. Was there possibly a glitch at the time the Buyer entered their information? :thinking::grimacing:

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