Shopify Chat Option

I’m currently using Tidio for customer chat. It seems the software is now pushing to make every old, included feature part of upgraded pricing.

Does anyone have recommendations for other customer chat software for my website?


Details are important! Like what Platform you are running.

Personally very fond of Mandeeps - Live Helpdesk if you are built on DNN/EVOQ platform.


On 5/12/2016 we signed up for LiveChat [link]

I do like it.

Our rate has not increased since we joined. I am not sure if rates are locked in or if we were grandfathered into something. I believe the company is Poland based but I may be incorrect.


I’m currently using Tidio chat on Shopify

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That’s a limiter.

As a no experience with Shopify guy, may I ask, Have you looked into Facebook Messenger?


When we offered chat help, we also used LiveChat. Worked great for us, and it integrates with a lot of platforms.


We also use LiveChat, works well for us. However, I don’t know if it integrates with Shopify.

The best way to talk to customers (and people in general) is to never have to talk to customers.


Going with a bot… because it has worked so well for Amazon… ??

The Deniability Business Model … no one who physically works here did it, said it or, for that matter, thought it.