Shopify Shipping Settings

I use Shopify for my website and have found the shipping settings for “Custom flat rate” does not let you apply a transit time.

If I want to specify the shipping time, I have to use their generic pre-set options:

Shopify Custom

Does anyone know of a work-around to this?



It also seems to have a blind spot for FedEx One Rate. I can add FedEx as my own carrier or use Shopify’s Shippo rates - both of these would show the shipping time and delivery date. But you can’t select your custom One Rate within your own FedEx account or through Shopify/Shippo. Is there a workaround to this?

I haven’t found one, so bumping in case others have and can share.

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What I’ve found with Shopify is (I believe) purposely leave out important/obvious important features so you have to buy a monthly app to “fix” the issue.

Things like qty discount.
Minimum order qty
Showing the upc on the product page.:triumph:
Offer free shipping to certain states.
Etc etc.
I have to get a different app for everything.
Lots of nickel & diming to death.