[SHOPIFY] Shopify merchants can soon offer Buy with Prime

I have several personal thoughts about this but want to simply share first.

Announcement from Shopify: Shopify merchants can soon choose to offer Buy with Prime directly within their Shopify Checkout

Amazon is releasing an app in Shopify’s app ecosystem that will soon give merchants who use Amazon’s fulfillment network the option to add Buy with Prime on Shopify’s Checkout - and it’s all processed by Shopify Payments.

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Yeah this is just strange, but I guess Amazon figures Shopify sellers are mostly Amazon sellers so why not?


NOW we see why the recent unwelcome changes on the MCF front in recent months most-likely occurred…

I feel like independent websites letting Amazon have them by the balls is a terrible thing.

Name one other payment/fulfillment service that forces you to agree to them being able to withhold your funds or seize your inventory at their discretion. Any other fulfillment service would only seize your inventory if there’s some kind of court order or search and seizure warrant from law enforcement. Even if there’s something blatantly wrong with your products it’s still your property until the law decides that it’s not.


You can already have Amazon Pay as a checkout option, how is this different - or would it be fulfilled by Amazon also. I suppose that answers my question.

Amazon Pay lets shoppers use their Amazon credentials to access their Amazon-enabled payment methods directly from Shopify, to pay. It’s easy and does provide them some Amazon-based protections.

This new Buy With Amazon means that Shopify sellers who use MCF with Amazon, can offer a checkout option that means Buyers used their Prime account credentials and payment options to get Amazon-fulfilled Prime shipping (not merely MCF shipping) and Prime protections, while Shopify sellers are more smoothly integrated (and can skip some logistics steps) with their Amazon-fulfilled orders.

ETA: Shopify sellers can also already use Amazon Pay and MCF, but those are not integrated for the shopper, and it’s two different processes for the seller.

As the name suggests, the buyer has to have a prime subscription to buy with prime, and the merchant gets charged an additional prime fee (3% or $1.5, whichever is higher) on top of the payment processing fee.

All that is on top of the MCF fees of course.


Thank you for clarifying - PASS! LOL

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We have used Amazon Pay on our brand websites for a few years now. And we have enjoyed it.

One “bug” is a feature that presents Pay with Prime a the top of the page. We even had to hack some CSS to get the ugly button in a better place. We use Wordpress with Woocommerce. We get the funds in 24-36 hours at our bank from Amazon Pay. The fees are lower than our merchant services fees.

Until today we have enjoyed it.

The orders have been small, $10 to $50 orders, and customers like using it. However, we did a set of samples for a customer. They paid with credit card and our merchant services account.

Nice order, $60 for the two samples. Then they liked them and ordered twice, one order for 6 units, and the next day 2 more orders. The total, $469.94 now the problem.

Amazon is holding $469.94 in our Amazon Pay Account Reserve,

“Account reserve includes funds in your account that will not be disbursed within the selected settlement period. Your account reserve is used to cover potential claims or chargebacks.”

I will tell you this, the order ships tomorrow, if those funds are not released then, we will pull Amazon Pay from our websites.

The orders came in Monday and Wednesday of this week we would have that money in our bank if this customer used our other payment methods.

Now this is Amazon Pay, and we have considered “Buy with Prime” but no longer.

That and we are waiting since last Friday for stayflat envelopes and boxes to arrive. They will be delivered by TBA sometime before Friday night at 10pm. At our office that closes at 5pm on a holiday weekend.

7 day prime service? I don’t think so.


That’s what you get for using Amazon Pay, they get to use their discretion to hold your money without providing a solid reason.

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Agree now but we have never seen it in the years that we have used it.

They don’t get a second chance.

And, The Boxery gets a call in the morning. I am done with Amazon FBA and shipping supplies.

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@Image I’m so sorry that you’re hitting these snags, right at this holiday weekend. I believe you’ve said that your employees get a vacation day but you work, so these things saddle you personally with avoidable hassles.


Funny you bring that up, I called a supplier this morning for the raw materials for that same customer. I lobbied to them to give everyone Friday Afternoon off. I think they were considering it. I did the pickup at about 2pm, since it is a Thursday, “beautiful people day” for the holiday weekend. Here in New Hampshire, everyone from Massachusetts heads north for the weekend today.

For us, we just need to get FBA stuff that is rotting on the shelf out Friday morning, then it is a long weekend for the best team in the world!


Funny, I had to do the same thing with our site as the button was nowhere near where we wanted it . The site runs on an open source shopping cart so at least the code is available to manipulate as you see fit. Problem is every time you upgrade you have to change the code again. Frustrating to say the least.



We were in Upstate NY (husband did a race in Lake George) and the Northway was packed with people from NYC driving north for the weekend. Last hurrah before school starts!


Hey gang, sorry to reboot a thread, but I just setup everything for it and have some questions and complaints:

  1. Amazon claims on average the conversion rate is going up 25% for ecommerce sellers. Would love to hold their feet to the fire on this claim.
  2. While I was able to integrate with my seller account, I had to create a new Amazon Pay account (I already have one). Which is dumb, as I’d like to use the same Amazon Pay account I am using for Amazon Pay.

hoping AMazon now doesn’t freak out seeing the same entity using two different Amazon Pay accounts.

I’m holding off on putting in the direct JS code (they don’t have the means to setup an app for easy automation of this, which is strange), just because I feel Amazon is the devil and only works to destroy sellers selling off their platform.

Anyone else jump in?

Nope. Not in this life. Not in this life in a parallel universe. Not in any other life in this or a parallel universe.

Sorry if I’m not clear about my opinion.

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And that’s the key right there…

MCF is now more expensive than doing it yourself so it’s pointless to sign up for this unless you’re super lazy and super wealthy, able to flush $ down the toilet and put your complete business in Amazon’s incapable hands.

Well, hold on here, the problem isn’t that it’s more expensive than doing it yourself. Using 3P services almost always costs more than doing it yourself since they need to make a profit. And using 3P services to scale up your business is great.

The problem here is you’re not getting what you’re paying for with Amazon’s high MCF fees. With those fees you would expect top notch service, not a service that occasionally steals your inventory, and has no customer support other than bot responses and form letters if there’s a problem.


I have to disagree with this statement, at least in our experience. We’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of units to FBA and I’ve got their accuracy at near 100%. I know our example probably isn’t the norm but it’s hard to screw up case packed inventory on pallets.

On MCF - when it was first introduced, it was fast and CHEAP. Now it’s neither which is really weird.

MCF was a big 2022 / 2023 initiative for Amazon. I’m thinking it bombed and we have what’s left.

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