"Similar item with fast delivery" - WTF?

So, how “fast” does one have to be to NOT have other products, having only a remote connection to one’s own, shown as a “Similar item with fast delivery”?

This seems to say that one’s own delivery is NOT “fast”.

I must inquire… are you FBM or FBA? I have not seen what you are describing on any of my FBA PDP when I have adequate inventory.

I was forced to do FBM, as Amazon lost so much inventory on FC transfers, the darn product risked going out of stock entirely.

I am back on the FBA bandwagon for the new year, as they have reimbursed me for every lost item, and I now have significant expertise in refuting the stock answers from people who do not want to reimburse.

Teach me, master.


Well, search for the thread(s) that mention “Inventory Ledger” as he is your only friend - you keep sending them the Packing List (or the receipt, if you do not make your own products) to “verify ownership”, and the lines from the Inventory Ledger that show the received goods at the first FC, with positive numbers that match what you pack in a case, and then the negative numbers at transfer-destination FCs, that “loose” the stuff. And you persist until they reimburse. You have to keep a spreadsheet to track all this, with case numbers, and reimbursement numbers, and shipment numbers, but eventually, you get reimbursed for it all.

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I honestly don’t know how to read that ledger. It’s confusing as heck.

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@VTR is the inventory ledger expert here. I learned so much from his posts on the OSFE. Maybe he can help you with that, it’s not as hard as it looks.


@Best_Handmade_Soaps is correct. It looks daunting because of all the unfiltered info available.

Start with this in your inventory ledger screen.

Enter your FNSKU. Select detailed view bubble. Select event type - receipts. This will pull up the ledger for what Amazon says they received from your inbound shipments for that FNSKU.
Most of our issues look like this…

They received all 192 units at SBD1, but then something happened at AKC1 and Amazon said, whoah you never sent those. At which point you say…
and hit them with the ledger facts… They will keep cutting and pasting, you just keep repeating the ledger till someone does their job. They will probably give you some message about 'courtesy" refund but you will get paid.
The sad part is, they will find it later and claw the money back.

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