Simply want to find my start date with Amazon. Where do I look?

OK I am persuaded to file for brand registry though I don’t know how much longer I want to fight this large battle ( selling on Amazon). Anyway, I looked around the site and can’t find a star date with them. Any suggestions? (You would think I had it somewhere in my files. File what files?) Thanks.


One possibility is an email (LONG SHOT) but the other is to call Account Health and ask.

They give it for “Related Accounts” so it IS in the system.

Otherwise … I feel like I’ve seen it before somewhere so I’m looking around.

One place would possibly be - Marketplace Sellers - - if you can find your account on there.

ETA - Feedback Manager might be another place to look to get close.


I have wondered about this too. I could not remember.

I could remember the first products we launched. So I looked those up and looked at the launch date we put on the catalog page. It was that month we started or possibly the month before that as we got smart before we listed.


Mine have undergone a vast change since 2005. 2004 if you … well never mind. :wink:

ETA - Just realized I was finally given BR. Oh Yay … :man_facepalming:

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If you know one of your first ASINs, it will have the date it was first listed on Amazon.

@Dogtamer Question?

Can’t remember if the reverse file download has it.

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These are both good suggestions, indeed - but if one still has access to the “Congratulations! You May Now Sell on Amazon” (Subject Line has varied over the years) email missive in their archives, that’s another way to determine the date when an SoA (‘Amazonese’/‘Amazonish’) Account was first recognized as being fully onboarded.

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CLRs/RFRs once had the ITK (“Item Type Keyword”) “merchant_release_date” as a machine-readable header, but that was deprecated for most categories some years back.

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Another way to get an idea is to go to Payments > All Statements tab.
If you know about which year, then pick a month and put in say 11/01/2011 to 11/30/2011 and hit search. Work backwards or forwards until you find your first payout.

The first payout should lead you to a time period where you could find the $39.99 charge (if you have a professional account) which many of us got when we first signed up.


So we know we signed up during this period

Do the Request Report to get a Download Flat File V2.
Open the file and view the date first charged

So we joined
-39.99 2011-10-10 2011-10-10 04:58:49 UTC

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Looks like you just made it under the wire for Amazon’s Q4 2011 decision to remove Daily Disbursement functionality for newly-created SoA Accounts.

The eldest of our current accounts missed that cutoff by a mere few weeks (or maybe even mere days; it was created in November 2011).

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We never had Daily Disbursement functionality. Date range on the distribution report 10/9/2011 to 10/24/2011. The Download Flat File V2 from the distribution report is what gave us our date.

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How did I have survive here since 2004 without your help? Did it the easiest way for me, which was to search payments. Also looked at the seller eval on the website you suggested and was on there, nice to know, though no start date. It did help validate my on- line presence, however. This whole vetting process to get branded hurts less than a hot iron, thanks to all the help here.


Likely for everyone here this is the quickest and best way.

Sadly, as I recall things (but Lake likely can correct me some), in '05 it was either merchants@/Pro-Merchant or the Marketplace Selling Platform (for book sellers, and they actually asked you which you were selling back then …which was Selling Individually at that time). So in my case there was no $39.99 charge and my first sale is not the same as my start date. Close … but not the same.

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As @Dogtamer noted above, emails are wonderful!

I have every email sent from Amazon (for actual business) going back to day 1.

I just do a sort of the file by ‘oldest’ and this pops up –

Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 5:56 PM

Congratulations from Amazon Marketplace!

I’ve obviously spent WAY too much time on there…


My first payment on Amazon was 2008, but I was on the individual plan. At the time, we could sell anything, so I used it as a garage sale. I started selling professionally in 2022. Someone told me my account was worth a whole lot because I could get daily disbursements, but sadly, that’s not the case. I do have account level reserve.

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Yeah, it goes by when you converted to a Selling Professionally account type. You’re over 10 yrs late on that.