Some Amazon moderators DO mean well

Today’s chuckle, I don’t think Ricardo is a bot. :smile:

Trying to get scammed by customer (


It’s amazing how buyers keep on finding ways to get away with what they want.

I can gladly inform you the feedback related to this order has been removed, and I will forward this situation to the appropriate department for them to analyze if further actions needs to be taken with this buyer.

Thanks for raising this to us.


I agree, this had me falling on the floor. “Picking on a buyer/customer” is so out of character for Amazon.

Bravo Ricardo!


There are several services that do “image search” and find the source of photos better than Google will, I like “”, but is also very good.

Many moons ago, someone sent me an email claiming that my product acted as fuel for a fire, and burned up the bed liner of his pickup truck, so I sent him a video of me trying to get some of my (liquid) product to catch fire with everything from a zippo lighter to an oxy-acetylene torch, and asking him to try the same, and send back a video of any ignition he could get. I never heard back.

The stuff don’t burn.


Pick the next action Amazon will take.

  1. Amazon will ignore Ricardo request to “analyze”.
  2. Amazon will transfer Ricardo to another department
  3. Amazon will lay off Ricardo in the next round of downsizing
  4. Amazon will send Ricardo to be de-programmed (ala clockwork orange)

After all there is NO REASON - EVER to treat a Vendor as anything but a revenue line item.


I would pick all of the above. However I remember watching this movie at University. Being what felt like the only one in the room that thought how horrible is this. As in what the perps had done, and what they were having done to them.

About two jobs ago, over 40 years now, I remember some of our team were gunned down in South America. Two were “vendors” of our large “company” the response always bothered me. “They were just vendors, they are not that important.”

Still bothers me to this day.