Sometimes you have to NOT be subtle

So this OP wanted some help and I tagged a few MODS. It went downhill from there.

I’m not sure if I was subtle enough with my last response though…

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This is just another reason why I have no interest in dealing with the NSFE.

Another seller who didn’t read what they were agreeing to, had their account suspended for something, who knows what at this point, and now wants to make a new account, which is naturally inactive because it was linked to their suspended account. Making a new account in someone else’s name is not even a new or interesting twist.

How many times have we heard this story? How many times have we offered the same advice, that the original account has to be reactivated or nothing will help? How many times were we told to stop being so mean with our factual reality and practically actionable advice?

Meh to the whole thing. Sellers like this one can’t be trusted not to make things worse for all of us, and I no longer care to help them.


To be clear, that would be NSFE OP’s third account. They opened a second account, to try to workaround what appears to be a lack of verification on the first account, and now those two are both suspended.

Not sure why OP thinks making the same mistake again will solve the problem. :woman_facepalming:


Well, obviously because practice makes perfect.

The amazing part is that I’m sure this clown is not even close to the most accounts opened and closed in an attempt to sell/scam on Amazon.

The number of suspensions being posted seems to be increasing exponentially on the NSFE (or my preference – NNIF-- New NOT Improved Forum) in the past several days.

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LOL4R :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He states that he “deleted” the first account.

My guess is that he told his browser to “forget” the login credentials, and thinks that’s all that’s needed. (We’ve all seen stuff far dumber).

Here is another thread that needs an unsubtle response

Seller is getting killed by FBA storage fees after a 8.5% sales drop.

Needs to be told that he can not leave his inventory levels on auto-pilot. They need to be managed actively.

Yep, let them make a 4th account. Then a 5th.

We all know they aren’t getting a new bank or cc, or a new address, or a new internet connection or pc.

And even if they are, let them waste the $


Yep. I do both FBM and FBA, and I can attest, the FBA is a LOT more work, at least in regards to paying attention to inventory and pricing. It’s amazing how many people think that FBA means “passive income”.
Although I’ll admit, for managing FBA inventory for replenishable items, I would have only the faintest clue of handling seasonal variations.


I also sell FBA and FBM, and FBA is a lot of work if you want to do it right, but so much of the work is done in bulk that the total work/sale is generally lower than FBM, at least for me. I imagine this can vary widely depending on the volatility of seasonal sales, shelf life of the items, etc.

FBA is most certainly not passive income though. That idea is the fever-fantasy of a deluded utoob guru trying to sell the idea that you can just pick an item more or less at random and ship a container of it directly to FBA and sit back as the money rolls in. We all know better.

You would think …

We still politely smile when one of our relatives comments …“it must be nice to work from home” (as if we sit in front of the TV 24/7) … “you’re so lucky” … (we’ve learned how to refrain from smacking them) … and yes … these relatives are the same people who think we just sign onto the internet and make money …

But there are those that don’t.

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I meant “we” as in… SAS members :smiley:

Your self control is amazing…

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We know … but couldn’t resist … :upside_down_face:

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More likely he deleted the buyers side of the sellers account. This has been a known issue for years and would result in what he is claiming.