Soooo Confused - Order Defect Rate

I sell FBA, so it concerns me when I see things like this:

Is this a “Defect Rate” that applies to ME?
Apparently someone gave negative feedback about some problem with the order, yet the order was shipped by Amazon 2 days after the order was placed, and 2nd-Day shipping was used, and there was no return.
Is there any way to see the feedback, or does Amazon just suppress the feedback, and move on?
This does not show up in “Account Health” - nothing has ever shown up in “Account Health”.
But what, if anything do I do about this?

I think it applies to you based on info from Amazon help. I copied and pasted a few paragraphs below. If you want to see the full article, search for “order defect rate” at Seller Central.

Order defect rate

The order defect rate (ODR) is a key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience. ODR represents the percentage of orders with one or more indicators of poor customer service during a given 60-day time period. The following are the three components of ODR:

  • Negative Feedback Rate
  • A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate
  • Credit Card Chargeback Rate

In order to meet customer expectations, we require sellers to maintain an ODR under 1% in order to sell in the Amazon Store. An order defect rate above 1% may result in a restriction of your selling privileges, including suspension of seller-fulfilled offers.

Had to revise my original, now ‘trash-canned reply’, as I left I left out one of the quotes I wished to specifically address in the original with the last 2 ¶'s (mea culpa):

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Wow, thanks for the very complete/complex reply, but how can the “order defect rate” be attributable to the seller, given that Amazon won’t even tell me what the purported negative feedback SAID?

Its not even MY order - its Amazon’s order. My view is that I sell to Amazon wholesale, just like any other dealer, except they play games like “everything is on consignment” and “you cannot audit us”. Oh, yeah - they also play BS power games like telling ME that I have an “account health” with THEM, the presumptuous twits. But, year to date, they have lost 1/3rd of what I ship them, so there are several thousand units… somewhere, which will likely pop up at some point, and prompt an interesting discussion of how I have to send in 1/3 more than my own sales projections just to keep the product in stock, so charging me any “storage” on the items they lost and found (and have thus “overstocked” me) is not going to fly.

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Have you checked your seller feedback? That is where we found our Negative Feedback for our FBA ODR


Hello @packetfire

Right below your screenshot will be a little yellow Download Report link.
See image below.

That report is helpful to locate an order with a reported defect.

Make sure Fulfilled by Amazon is in the top drop-down box and click the yellow Download Report to see which order had a reported defect in your FBA inventory.

As mentioned above by our friend, Amazon may not disclose every defect but there is a good chance it will appear on the Download Report.

Edited to add below:

This statement is a little confusing.

This also sounds a little confusing to me.

Are you a Vendor or a Seller? The data above shows Seller Central which made me think you are a Seller.

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My point here is that an “order defects” would be the fault of Amazon, not me.

I do not take the order
I do not fulfill the order
I have no idea who the customer is
I have no idea where the customer is
I do not select the shipment method
I do not get the returns
I do not even have any ability to know about ANY of the above

The ODR “demerit” was removed after I asked a few pointed questions, but this kind of presumptuousness is as bad as the “shipping problem”, where they presume to lecture me about “incorrect quantity in box” when they receive, scan, count, and confirm a carton of 48 units at one FC, and then lose the entire carton on transfer to another FC, and report as much in their own inventory ledger.

So NO, Amazon, I will not “acknowledge” that there is any problem with my people’s ability to shove 48 units in a box, and we weigh every carton before sealing to make sure that all is well to eliminate this scenario from ever happening, thank you very much.