Special character on Amazon PPC

I want to advertise using the keyword “100% water wipes” in an exact or phrase match format. I understand that I cannot use the special character ‘%’. In this case, what keyword should I use to broadcast in an exact or phrase format?

Just a wild guess here, but maybe “100 Percent Water Wipes” would do?


Are you selling pre-moistened (with water) paper towels?

I’m curious how profitable a venture this is… I’m guessing not particularly since you’re going down the rabbit hole of PPC.

Hey, are you sure that’s the phrase you want to use? Because it’s confusing to me. I don’t get how wipes can be 100% water. So there might be a better phrase to use? Do you mean water is the only moisture/chemical/cleaner in the wipe? No added chemicals?

But if yes, you are sure, then as @packetfire suggested, using “percent” instead of “%” would an option.

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100 Percent Water Lubricated Wipes

Introducing our new product!

All jokes aside what would the benefit be over just a DIY job?

In the old days, we called these wet wash clothes. But when you used them, you had to clean them again before the next use. It wasn’t socially acceptable to use a dirty wash clothe to wipe the baby’s bottom when changing.

Then came the alcohol wipes that you could toss after use but wasn’t to nice to the baby’s bottom.

A light bulb went off somewhere and thus 100% water (lubricated) wipes were born. They are single use and easier on the baby’s bottom.

Of coarse … being a man … we always thought a well regulated water hose was an acceptable DIY alternative. The bigger kids loved it but the babys … not so much.

A “water wipe” is called a “bidet” where I come from.

Phrase or Broad…I would play with the phrase

“100 Water Wipes”

or “Water Wipes”

As for the accuracy of the product to phrase - At times on amazon search it can be irrelevant - as long as its relevant viz a viz search, then that’s all that matters - policy notwithstanding - for instance is the phrase “a$$ wipes” allowed or would it be classified as adult? The guiding light is always BA, KW search, KW Volume, CTR and of course SFR


I see you have not been here long, so dry humor warning!

I would recommend “100 Percent Mothers Spit Wipes”

Been in marketing, for many, many, decades. I think you have a winner.

12 or so years ago we launched “Rectangle Labels” on Amazon. They flopped. The labels were used on Solo Cups. We changed the name to “Party Labels” we made many tens of thousands of dollars.