Star Seller search filter

Someone posted on Reddit (I think)? That Etsy is testing a Star Seller filter/toggle on the search pages. Just FYI. It doesn’t surprise me - I always assumed there had to be some future reason for them to build all that code. I also anticipate it giving you a bump in search.

The only real upside that I can see is it might filter out resellers, who typically don’t have SS status due to poor reviews & lack of message responses.

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I just wish the reqs were not quite as stringent. You miss one 24 hr response and boom.

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Tip: If you mark it as spam, it should fall off. When SS first came about I didn’t get it because in the previous 3 months I’d had a bunch of non-response messages (either thank yous from people I’d ordered from or separate messages that I’d replied to elsewhere). I filtered and marked them all as spam and voila! All gone.

I’m not sure if it still works, but I do see it mentioned here and there so I assume so?


Thanks for starting an Etsy thread.

I got booted off of two different Etsy seller groups on Facebook because I honestly feel like the sellers were whiny and not taking running their site seriously like a business.

It was something about shipping stuff out, but not wanting to leave the comfort of your home…yet they live in the boonies with a two mile long driveway and expect the post office to cater to them.

Happy really to see you here!

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Those FB groups are toxic. 99% “Why can’t I sell this thing with Marvel/Harry/Taylor/etc. on it, everyone ELSE does!


Bob tries hard in the Facebook Amazon Handmade group.

Did he write them a 10 page guide? lol

I haven’t looked yet but

bob is what he shared in the Facebook Handmade Forum

I screenshot the response where he gave a link to a step by step buide to creating a parent listing and adding child items.

I think I need to do that for my stuff…but I haven’t had the time.


You might want to delete the link to his site or he’s going to see hits coming from here.

no problem

And I’ll respect your input/request/opinion…etc…